I Feel Bad About Myself When I Go On Facebook

That is why I never go on anymore. I see all of these awesome things my facebook circle is up to, and I have nothing that measures up. I don't want to post all of these feelings on there because I'd be ignored or told to cheer up and stop being so negative. I feel insecure of myself, and think: "if I posted something, would anyone notice/care?" I don't like to compare myself to my friends, but when I go on, I think, why can't that be my life?
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5 Responses Jan 1, 2013

PM me your facebook.

I feel the same way.

That's what I love about EP. You can be yourself. I use FB to, but I only use it to keep in touch with friends out of country. I have one pic, and I covered my face with a bandana and have a Hood on. I didn't want to get sucked into a fake virtual world of people who weren't true friends. That and I'd rather hide my feelings.

The number one thing I like about this site is I can remain anonymous and talk to anyone about anything. If they judge me, no big deal.