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DUH... Everyone Does...

But what the heck is up with the picture... what does she have to do with Facebook... lol anywho

I do I've had it for a years... And I've been pokin for as long as ive had it... lol everyday poke poke  poke... about 6 different people...

MsJuicyBoo MsJuicyBoo 22-25, F 11 Responses Feb 25, 2009

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Well did you check... lol... Or did you already send me the info... :)

ummm kay

I asked you for it... you never gave it too me... Figured you thought I was playin better recheck what I sent you girl... :)

To be honest with you....I think we should skip EP when we really need to talk heart to heart and go directly to yahoo chat. I have an account and you should message me everyday you can. EP message me and I'll give you my yahoo ID.

ohkai i'll add ya later tonight... take care :)

Yep... and everything else you can think of most likely... lol

aren't you already on my....myspace????

Well You should get one... and whats the Myspace... you should add meeh:)

I don't have a facebook page. I do have Myspace.

very tru... glad to know others poke too... i do the same... just keep in touch with friends...

I have face book as well but It's nothing much to do ~ besides poke, and requests :)<br />
<br />
However, It's good that you can keep in touch with old friends > < ~