Have It But Don't Want People to Find Me There

Yes I have a facebook account, but under another name, not mine.
This is because I don't want people like ex schoolmates or collegues to know what I actually do/think/feel...

I searched out just for a few trusted friends and added just them...

Maybe its paranoia, but I searched out for my ex schoolmates and so on and I saw that they're all friends one to another... I found out that I am pretty jealous of them but at the meantime I don't want them to know anything about me.

Is it madness? I don't know.


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6 Responses Jun 12, 2009

They're ''friends'', not friends so don't be jealous. Its hard to believe a person can be friends with the entire school. You're doing good to keep them out if you realy dont want them. I used to have an acount with people who knew me (my face) in school and I hated it. You will feel weird if they see everything you post. I wouldn't post anything because I would be afraid of them. So I deleted it and reopened a new acount with a completely fake name, with the dangerous information hidden and it's great. It's preety sad that I have no friends at all but at least I can post and comment away now. It's awesome.I just dont need to have anymore friend requests from people who dont even remember adding me before.

even me i dnt want anyone to know that i am on ep .so i have short handed my name :)

I not want my facebook friends knowing that I'm on this site. So I keep it to myself. Cause it's my way of letting out. Without need of worrying of what I say.

honestly i think that's a really good idea...i wish more people used that much discretion on facebook, only adding trustworthy people they actually know and like rather than any random person just because they want a higher friend count. i like your way a lot better. :)

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