Maybe Two

My cousins came into town last week and asked that I join so we could chat and such. I think I may have one under MSP or something but don't use it however I didn't want that to be the one they got. So needless to say last night I created a REAL me account and started adding. Thus far it's kinda of boring but it was a request so I took it.

Is there anything to do there other than update your day?

Oh well... still have my EP.

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EP rocks!!!

Don't have one...I do have a myspace that I don't do much with anymore, got a bit bored with it. My sister has told me I need to facebook and about all the family and friends that are there, I just don't know. Is it really any different than myspace? Just recently found ep and have been having some fun here. I've shared things anonymously on this site that I've never told anyone.

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Bite this Blue!

You asked for it !!! Now where did i put my bubba teefs!

I would like to take this opportunity to request the RHR bite me as well as MSP. Thank you for the opportunity to get that off my chest.

I'll get more into it at some point I'm sure but for now just pics and hello's to old friends from years past. Thus far it's been great at making me feel OLD!

I have a facebook account and so does most of my family! It's a way of keeping in contact with each other. We all enjoy playing the games and try to out score each other.

Why oh why is it always the redhead ? LOL you guys crack me up! MSP FB just is not as fun

yeah ep keeps me going the other is just for them to see how normal i am *giggles*

Cant really offer any help on the facebook thing msp ... I was asked to open one did that and never really use it since .... to busy with family work and ep for another one !!!

IVFP it took my email addresses and hunted down all these ppl... including YOU! *giggles*<br />
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SB ~ T/y

I dont think so MSP...You can send friends pieces of Flair but that really isnt the same thing, IDK FB is different, it isnt as friendly as it is here but like I said I am just not that familiar with it either.

now blue why u bein' so mean... i never said bite me... not nice! *giggles* <br />
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SB ~ can you decorate it???

MSP- I have facebook too but I dont find it as personal or as much fun as EP. I know alot of people love it, maybe I just havent figured it all out yet. <br />
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Good luck, let me know if you find anything exciting there:)

OMG. Go to mean story now.<br />
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I told you to bite me first.<br />
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I win....

ain't nothin' like ur's darlin'... you gots me beat like daddy beats the red headed step child. Mama really shoulda stayed home that nite

I rekin you got on of em arr accents of sum sort yurrsef..<br />
<br />
You surr ain't from round here.<br />
<br />
Dorkonain or something like that.

I'm not the one w/ the hick accent!

Your Dorkier...<br />
<br />
Go Farm. You'll fit right in...

yeah someone sent me spanish food and another asked me to be a pirate... Not ready for all that though but will continue to share pics and updates.<br />
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Double DORK!

Yes you Dork there are things to do there.<br />
You can build a farm in Farm Town.<br />
I know a few people who are addicted to this.<br />
I think it is worse that drugs.

...and keeping up with family on there seems easy enough so keeping it for them.

I am connected with my family there and my celebrity friends.

yea I have one too. EP is ten times more intimate and better in every way.

see i dont even see blog...

jane is washing her hair, peter has gone the pub, yawn!

Hey I have face book if you want me to ever add you as a friend ok?

seeing a lot of old faces... WOW I feel old!