Would You Give Love A Try?

you know sometimes love can hurt you so bad, my boyfriend that we've been together for six years now cheated on me and the girl fall pregnant and we are leaving in the same place and thats kills me even more, i decided to end the relationship while i knew that i love him so much and i was more than hurting,sad,angry,full of hatred and having this undying pain inside...

and he says he is sorry and that it was only one night and i just don't believe him now it been six months since i let him go his way but he wont accept that am ending our relationship he says he love me and he will never stop loving me

i use to spend time almost day and nights crying because i love him and there is this other part of me that wants to be with him but i just dont know how to pretend as if the pain is no longer there while it is so itno me but he say if i could try and allow him to be closer to me always the pain that am having could be forgotten easly

and somehow i feel like maybe that what i should do cause there is nothing that seems to help how i feel, he phones me and say he is sorry and sms me he ask to come and see me but i dont know what to do.. what can you do? can you give love a try? can you forgive him? help me i dont know what to do... 

glamourious glamourious
18-21, F
1 Response Oct 29, 2009

You've been with your BF for 6 years at 18-21??? <br />
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Grow the F up and get out of there!!!<br />
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OBTW... If I ever need to say anything important.... Like say relationship changing...Or informing the president about an act of war.....It's not through SMS...<br />
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But hey... That's probably just me....