The Good Old Days

I grew up in the 1950s and early 1960s. Spanking was part of everyday life back then. This was reflected in the newspapers and magazines and cartoons, and in the movies and TV shows.

Our daily newspaper, the "News Chronicle" had a cartoon at the back called "The Daily Dees" in which Mr Dee had to deal both with his dizzy wife and teenage daughter, Penny. Both would from time to time have their bottoms spanked across his knee, one frame as he advanced on them, one over his knee and one tearfully clutching their bottoms. I remember too a newspaper report of a young woman teacher who rode her horse over her neighbor's land, and one day this older woman pulled her off her horse turned her over her knee and spanked her jodhpured bottom. This was all over the papers- one even printed a cartoon of it.

I remember seeing an old film magazine called "Film Fun" with a still from a movie of an unhappy looking big girl in buckskins over her father's knee having her bottom spanked with a strap and a caption about her having been caught by her father looking at a nudist camp. I also saw "Iron Maiden" at the cinema in which gorgeous Anne Helm got chased into a barn by the angry hero and spanked on the seat of her light summer dress. An episode of the TV Western "Bronco" ended with a father taking his disobedient teenage daughter home to have her bottom spanked.

There were many, many other examples but that will do for now. Did anyone else here thrill to these newsprint and celluloid spankings. Which ones do you remember?
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Some of what you reference is a bit before my time, but I did get to see a number of old movies that included strong male role models, who show love and respect for their wives and daughters. They also sometimes would show that they knew how to discipline them when they got pushed too far. For whatever reasons, old movies like McClintock always made a strong impression on me when I was young.

We grew up in a far more modern rural area, but still most of the farm families were led by strong, hard working men who often didn't say a good deal, but were very much seen as the heads of the households. So, I guess on some level I sort of related to what I saw in those films.

What was shown in those movies certainly was not what we saw, but in my younger years, I could well imagine (and wonder about) what things were like in the portion of history depicted in those films.

I guess you could say that some of the scenes in those movies certainly caught my attention at an early age.

Thanks Josephine!

hi Everyone! I just found this site by googling "Bronco spanking threat" because I remember watching that very same scene where Bronco takes this young cowgirl home to face the wrath of her father! I remember the scene like yesterday and I have often replayed it in my mind!! I was watching it with my family and must have been about 10 or 11? Perhaps it was the first time that I associated spanking with a feeling of fascination! My elder sister must have felt the same way too for when the father says that he is, "Going to teach my daughter a lesson...with THIS" and he shows the palm of his hand to Bronco! The daughter, (who looked in her late teens) then said, "But, Daddy! I'm too old to be spanked!" To which the father replies (as he guides her into the log cabin, ) something like - "No, you are not, it is just that I am a bit late starting!" at this point I was transfixed and feeling strangely excited -and my big sister said, "Go On! SPANK HER!" - but alas, as I crouched closer down in the sofa - it cut to the credits and Bronco riding away!

I missed the public spankings I used to see in the stores.Now all Ihear about is this lame time-out rubbish.

True!, robbo.

Those old films are great, they show men as proper men, showing their women care, protection and loving control. Todays films are mostly about sexual kinks if they have any spanking in and they give people the wrong idea about taken in hand relationships. I think we could all do with seeing some more of the old fashioned chivalry that was such commen place back then and also film companies not being afraid to take a modern approach so it is relevant to today. Feminism did so much damage that it would be great if the tables were turned again.

Hallmark airs I Love Lucy and Ricky was forever spanking her and of course on Little House on the Prairie there were spankings(off camera ) of course

Thanks you two for your recollections. Spankings in my country was so common those day that it didn't even made a lasting impression on ~ I remember the incidents, but no names of films.<br />
I myself, received many canings and also dished out many canings.<br />
I also love(d) the Westerns!<br />
I have written a story on the good old days, called: I attended juridical spankings.

Thanks for that, Christianne. I'm a Brit and I can't recall ever seeing "Father Knows Best". There is a publicity still of "Kiss And Tell" which shows a teenage Shirley Temple getting spanked with a hairbrush but it was exactly that, for publicity and there was no spanking scene in the film itself. Interesting though that in that instance and in several others the promoters designed posters showing a young lady getting her bottom spanked. Clearly spankings sell movies, or they did back then. Those TV Westerns were also fertile ground for spanking scenes.