When Cowgirls Get Their Bottoms Spanked

Hello everybody. My question is, do naughty Cowgirls need to have their Bottoms Spanked harder than other girls. Read on.

First I'll take this opportunity to wish all my American friends here a happy Thanksgiving this week. I've met some really good people here, some lovely ladies (no offense chaps but I'm here for the gals). I've met at least one smashing cowgirl and shared reminiscences. There's probably a bit of cowgirl in lots of you American ladies. It's a part of your exciting history and the cowgirl is still flourishing today. I grew up loving Westerns and for some reason always appreciated scenes where a charming but disobedient cowgirl ended up getting a spanking over her father's knee. I have pictures of one such disobedient gal; anybody interested please message me.

But the other day I was reading about the making of a Western, and of how the young lady star was able to do all the riding sequences without having to "eat her meals off the mantelpiece", ie because she was an experienced horsewoman, a sort of real life cowgirl, she wasn't too sore to sit down on her bottom. But "eating her meals of the mantelpiece" could also come about if she'd had her bottom soundly spanked. So can a cowgirl, with her bottom hardened by hours of sitting on a horse, shrug off a spanking that might reduce a lesser young lady to tears? What do people think?
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I used to have a gf who liked to ride in Hyde Park, and I always made a point of spanking her just after she'd been riding. Her bottom would be warm and extra-tenderised, and she said these spankings stung even more than usual. They also turned her on quite wonderfully....

Not an equine expert but i would think any prolonged saddle time would toughen the riders bum Also a spanking would still be effective sense part of it is emotiomal anyway

In my experience, yes. Years of riding does harden one's posterior to the manual administrations of justice.

I grew up in a rural area and rode horses frequently. Have no point of comparison, but can say that Mom's hairbrush stung really bad and was just as effective on my sister and me as I suspect it would have been for girls who did not ride horses.

Of course, even though I often tried to be brave and IF somehow we had a little more tolerance built in because of riding, it didn't really matter much because Mom believed in only spanking us when a good sound spanking was in order and for her that meant a way's beyond when you would be bawling like a baby.

Ridng a horse has nothing to do with it. A spanking is a spanking. After a spanking I would think riding a horse would be an issue.

I don't think so, my friend is not a cowgirl but she rides a horse daily. That type of motion is way different than if they were whipped repeatedly with leather straps/belts. I would think you wouldn't be able to even ride a horse afterwards. That's what I think anyway.

I think you're right, Utopia. In the film I mentioned the father actually said that his unruly daughter would not be able to sit on her horse when he got through with her. Then he took her indoors, put her over the paternal knee and applied the strap to her buckskinned behind.

Thanks Klt3 for telling us.

Not every woman.

Yes, they definitely do! There backsides are hardened.

Personally, I don't think I would survive 5 minutes herding cattle, I usually cry like a baby the second my husband has me over his knee, I recon those cowgirls would be a bit of a tough breed, They probably would need a bit of firmer handling although I can only surmise, I'm English so just don't have any experience in that field lol