when we wher in jr high weges wher a lot fun to give and get my frind gary and got and gave them dayley one day in grade 7we gave our frind jay a atomeck one reping his frunt ofthe lomms tight white underpants perty much off his cute littel but mr johnson saw what was going on and took all 3 of us to his offies and told us your geting spanked youngman we had to take our jeans down for our spanging jays white underpants wher riped almost off becaus of the wegey me and gary had gave him mr johnson gave jay his spanging first it was fun waching his cute but get it with a riped pair ofunderpants on he started to cry then it was garys turn mr johnson told him totake all of his clohis off becaus we had riped jays underpants then gary got a dam hard spanging that made him cry to then it was my turn and i some how knew it was going hurt when i got my cloths off but my hanes tight whitees gary had sears boy underpants on jay had frute of lommes on but they wher riped and we could see his littel red but i kenw i going to get a very hard spanging mr jhonson put me over his neen and o dam igot it dam good the back side of my hanes wher somking iwas crying jay and gary wher starting  to lafe but mr j gave them alook that made them rember they to wher just in ther underpants that shut them up he gave me a few moore wacks then we had get dresd and we all whent to the boys locker room in the gym ther was a box of old underpants from over the years that kids had forgot to put back on how they did that i dont know he told jay to get a pair that fit and then we had to tae a shower be for going back to class then he went out of the lockerr room then me and gary and jay whent thoue that box of underpants and found a verry cool pair each mine wher superware from jc pennys they had red and biue on the waist band jay got ones whith red dashes onthem gary took the ones whith the green stripe when we put them on we got them off as fast and went in the shower and wacked off in front of each outher it was not the first or last time for thst or geting spanked in our underpants at school we all have the underpants fromthat day and wack off in the same room when we put on and we still give and get weges then i spank the two of them till ther littel tite whitees smoke and dam is it fun bouth gary and jay have cute buts and look great in those underpants we are whering them as i write this so goodby for now the boys need a spanging and then we well you what
reddash reddash
51-55, M
1 Response May 10, 2012

Nice story; but why did Jay get spanked when he was the one to get the wedgie? Still a lot of fun came from that sad and sore occasion!