Desert Rose

Three warriors thundered on horseback through the desert. Abdullah at 26 was the eldest of the three and in the lead. Water and food reserves were running low but he didn’t care. This was his country;  furthermore, one could always count on Arab hospitality. “There’s a well not far from here.” “Good” says Hamad, “you can rinse off some of your stench!” “yeah” pipes in Omar, the youngest, “you smell like a camel’s ***!.” Abdullah chuckles: “ Ha! You’d know, Tis the closest you’ll get to being between a pair of female legs my brother.”
As they rode up to the well, another horseman waived to them. “My brothers, this well is dried up. We have camp not far from here, you can come eat, drink and rest. I am Samir, My father is Sheik Seif el Din (translated as: the sword of faith), I welcome you on his behalf.”
Knowing it is a serious insult to turn down an invitation Abdullah responded: “Many thanks to you my brother for your hospitality, may Allah bless you and your family. I am Abdullah, son of Sheik Salah bin Talal. These are my brothers, “Hamad and Dufus, er I mean Omar”. They laugh and follow Samir.
They could smell and hear the camp well before they arrived. Roast lamb, sheep bleating, and drumming fill the air. “Yaba, I’ve brought visitors. They are in need of food and drink!” Out came a rotund, full-bearded man in a dishdasheh (men’s robe) and a full headpiece. His eyes smiling: “Itfadalou (welcome)! Come, Come my sons, rest from your journey.” After introductions, they came to find that Sheik Seif el Din knew Abdullah’s father Sheik Salah bin Talal as a boy. “What a small world. Your father and I used to wreak havoc in the campsites!” he laughed. The men washed and changed into clean robes and sat to eat. “What? Where is Sahar?” the Sheik demanded. No one responded. “Uh, Yaba (father), I sent Tamir to go find her. “ said Samir. The Sheik huffed : “ Allah aid and bless the man who raises daughters. You know every time I … “ they were interrupted by an argument on horseback. “As I have nothing better to do than to hunt you down whenever you decide to go on your ridiculous little adventures!” Tamir bellowed. “Well, if you’d find a hobby that is useful, you wouldn’t be the one sent to find me! I didn’t ask you to aid me you fool!” shrieked a young lady’s voice. “Ahem, we have company!” yelled the sheik. “Excuse my children’s ill begotten manners my sons. Sahar, come here!”
Abdullah watched in silence as this fiery little spark of a woman dismounted her horse, threw her gear towards her brothers, put on a smile and batted her eyes as she walked towards her father. “Salam, Baba (daddy) I missed you today!” she said as she planted a kiss on her father’s cheek. The old man softened: “Ya Wardat al Sahara, (Desert Rose) when will you ever learn? You are a girl, my love, you should not be gallivanting around like a man!” “You worry too much” she interrupted, “I can handle myself.” “Yeah go help your mother!” her brother snorted. “You help her” she hissed her honey eyes lighting up as they caught the setting sun’s reflection. She turned and walked towards the other tent rolling her eyes at the upcoming scolding from her mother. “If you punished her with even a modicum’s semblance of how you punished us when we were younger, we wouldn’t have this problem Yaba.” Said Tamir. Samir, didn’t have the same hostility towards his sister. He, like his father, babied his sixteen year old sister and often covered for her. “Khalas, eat.” Ordered Sheik Salah. Abdullah and his brothers didn’t comment. It wasn’t their place. Although Abdullah had never seen such an audacious display from a woman, he was completely transfixed by this “Desert Rose”. They ate and sat around the argileh (hookah) talking and laughing, hearing about the mischievous adventures by the two boys who would later became such respected sheiks.
Not one to sit still for very long, Abdullah asked permission to go for a walk. “Sure, my son” said the Sheik “although, you may want to avoid that direction if you want peace and quiet” as he pointed towards a distant tent. “The women are there doing whatever it is they do in groups.” Abdullah laughed and continued walking towards the path that winded beyond the women’s tent and down to the valley. There was drumming, singing and clapping coming from the tent. An older woman sang of a young beauty with manners and grace and cheeks like apples. “hmm, manners and grace? She can’t be singing about Sahar, that’s for sure.” He laughed to himself. He still couldn’t get her out his head. A shadow in the tent became visible. The figure twisted and swirled like a serpent, hips hit the da’a (drumbeat) with precision. He tried not to look. The waft of incense took him by surprise. The tent was partly open. “Yalla ya Sahar!” he looked up and saw her. No veil, her ebony hair long and flowing, smiling as the ladies applauded her every move. Her red galabeya (folkloric dress) clinging to her body, the coins on the sash tied around her hips, clinking. Flipping her wrists and shaking those hips in rhythm. Abdullah caught himself, cleared his throat and kept walking. Her image burned into his mind, all night he thought of what he wanted to do to with those hips…all night, carnal sinful thoughts. “Go to sleep you fool. She is the Sheik’s youngest and only daughter. What’s more, she’s a complete pain in the ***. Forget her man, why purposely seek a headache?” he closed his eyes and started drifting.
He awoke with a startle. Was it his idiotic brother’s snoring? He looked outside the tent. It wasn’t dawn yet. A dark figure ran hurriedly towards the horses. Why were they not panicked? Intrigued he crept out of the tent. On the ground near El Hatal’s spot was a galabeya. Red. He’d seen this before. It’s her! He follows silently. She has no idea he’s watching her. She mounts El Hatal, kicks his sides “Yallah!” faster and faster she rides up and down the valley. “she’s good” he thinks to himself as he creeps back to camp. Not ten minutes later everyone is up. She’s helping her mother prepare the men’s reserves for hunting. Sneaky little thing.
When the men return from the hunt, they tell the Sheik of rumors of raiders. “Praise God, we have many capable men here to defend the camp.” The Sheik said with a concerned expression. “Yes, Seidy (my lord) we can defend the camp; however, it is dangerous for anyone to venture out alone in the middle of the night.” Abdullah commented stealing a glance at Sahar. Her stomach flipped: “he knows.” Ever stubborn, she stuffed her concern deep down within her, jutted out her chin and stared back.
Again Abdullah hears her sneak out and again, he follows. This time he made sure to catch up with her. Sahar figured it was him as soon as she heard his horse. She whipped around and hissed, “What are you doing here?” He stared at her and said: “Amira, (empress) I could ask you that very question.” “You are neither my father, nor brother: what makes me obligated to answer you?” He’s intrigued. Still he gently responds: “ My Amira, I must insist you come back. There are raiders that would love to add you to their spoils…” “And who are you to tell me what to do? My own brothers know they have no say over me what makes you think you do?!” She threw something as a distraction and took off. Unfazed and somewhat amused by the chase, Abdullah caught up to her, slowed El Hatal to a stop, grabbed her by the wrists forcing her off El Hatal placing her onto belly down onto his own horse. Smiling, he held her down with his right hand and kept El Hatal’s reigns in the other. She kicked and let loose profanity-laced insults for a while. He stopped just short of camp. “Now, Amira, you can either act like a proper young lady, get back on your horse and head back to camp, or I can take you back there in this same position.” He announced as he let her down. “ Hiwan! (animal)” she hissed. “Spoiled pain in the ***!” he chuckled.
Back at camp, Sahar felt incensed and something else she couldn't articulate at the brute’s actions. "Ugh stop thinking about him you idiot! That’s what he wants you to do!” she chastised herself as she buried herself in her chores. Her mother proudly watched thinking and hoping her errant daughter had turned a new leaf.
When her mom left to tend to Baba, Sahar found herself peering out of the tent watching him as he helped her brothers build another shelter for the horses. He lifts things like nothing. He removed his shirt (showoff, she snorted) . She’s never seen a man like this. She feltsomething stir within her. Damn it all, push it away. What an ox!
Weeks went by. Abdullah grew very fond of the Sheik and the Sheik grew to love him like a son. The boys were all like brothers, as they’d known each other all their lives. "What an arrogant ox!" Sahar thought to herself. “Sahar! Her mother whispered hurriedly, “ The men are hungry! Help me with the food!” “Oh Yuma! Ugh- why can’t I go out hunting? I’m a far better hunter than I am a cook.” “Ya binti, (my daughter) A man doesn’t need a woman who can hunt. He needs one who can make a home, cook, clean and bear sons.” “ Mashallah how wonderful, (praise God) Then let them marry one of the maids!” Her mother, Salma, raised her eyebrow: “Your sharp-tongue will be your undoing…. You must…” “Yuma! I’m hungry!” grunted Tamir “Send Sahar out with the food!”
Sahar peered stuck her head out of the tent and screamed “Get it yourself!” “We have guests you embarrassment!” screamed Tamir. “Well then you should move your ***” said Sahar under her breath. “SaHAR!” bellowed her father. She scurried to get the food. She glares at Tamir and all but throws his plate at him. He grabbed her, “someone should teach you some respect!" he yelled as he removed his belt.” Silently Samir grabs Tamir’s arm. “ Ala mahlak, she’s but a child. Young, impetuous, and foolish," he says as he stares at his sister. "but a child.  Go to your tent!” Sahar teared up. Her eldest brother was her favorite. He rarely got upset with her. She hated when her closest ally mad at her.
Later that evening, Abdullah decided to approach Samir about his sister. His own brothers said he was a crazy fool and should leave well enough alone. Still, Abdullah could relate to Samir. Samir was level headed and spoiled his sister in spite of what an obstinate brat she could be.
“I don’t get it man”, Samir questioned Abdullah, “of all the women, why my sister? I pray you don’t misunderstand me, I love her dearly, but I question your sanity. You realize she will be the cause of your grey hairs if you have any left after you’ve spent time with her.” Abdullah laughed: “My brother, I’ve won many battles. I’m a warrior. She is nothing I cannot handle.” “You may be a warrior Abdullah, but this endeavor proves you a glutton for punishment as well! Alright, we’ll speak to my father tomorrow evening during the after-dinner coffee”

After dinner, Salma brought out the coffee, the head back to the women’s tent to drink hers in peace and quiet.
Tafadil ya ibni (welcome my son) the sheik gestures towards the coffee.
Abdullah, picked up the cup and set it down without taking a drink. The sheik’s turns towards Abdullah: What is your request my son. Ask and I shall bestow it upon you. (This is old Arabic tribal custom. The guest puts the coffee down without drinking it signaling to his host that he has a serious request. “Honorable Sheik, I ask from you the honor of relation.” Says Abdullah. The Sheik looks at his eldest son, “Ana muafiq Yaba (I am in agreement, father). The sheik looks at Tamir: “ don’t look at me, if he wants her he can have her. It’s his headache not mine” Samir smacked Tamir on the back of the head. The sheik tooka hit off of the argileh and exhaled a large bellow of smoke: “ My son, I have grown to love you as my own. You have stood alongside my own sons to protect our camp, and worked just as hard if not harder than they do. My Desert Rose is a loving girl but she is spoiled. She is not knowledgeable in the art of home making, tact and decorum. Does this not change your mind?” “No Seidy, on the contrary. Sahar needs a firm, strong husband. I will spoil her when I see fit, but she will learn to submit to me and obey me as my wife if you so grant my request.” “It is my fault.” Sighed Sheik Salah, “She is ever so dear to me; but my fondness of her has done her a disservice. What shall I say? A better man for my Desert Rose there is none. I shall grant you your request and proudly call you my son. “ Abdullah picked up the coffee and took a drink. “Mabrouk!” his brothers congratulate him.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BABA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next morning’s tirade has begun. Baba, why must I marry anyone? I refuse to marry him! Tamir was laughing. “I hate you Tamir!” she seethed. “Samir, you go talk to her. She’ll listen to you. I’m too old for this!” the Sheik spurted exasperated by his daughter’s tantrum. “Sahar.” Samir called. No answer just sobs. “Sahar, you must listen to me. Come here.” He motioned his baby sister over to him. He was 19 when she was born, she was always a baby in his eyes. She sat up and looked at him through streaming tears. He wiped her face and held her chin and looked gently at her and said. “ Too long have I spoiled you, too long have you been allowed to do whatever you want at whatever cost. Now a good man, an honorable man is asking for your hand. I love you too much to give you to a fool. Abdullah is genuine, hard-working, honest, kind and comes from an honorable family.” “but..” she said. “NO!” he insisted “ Yaba is getting old, Yuma is tired, their hearts and souls will rest assured you are married to a man who can handle er I mean take care of you. Do this. If not for them, for me. “ “I will miss… !!!!!!!!!!!!” she threw her arms around her big brother and sobbed. He stayed with her until late in the evening.
The preparations were extensive; yet they all past in what seemed to be seconds to Sahar. They put Henna in her hair. She was made to wax whole body so she would be clean for her future husband. Her aunt plucked her eyebrows; her mother dramatized her eyes with kohl. Gold adorned her head, neck, wrists, and ears. The books were signed and sealed, the celebratory songs and drumming drowned out every thought in her head.
Her father walked her to Abdullah and said “My son, this is my gift to you.” as he placed her hand in Abdullah’s. He kissed his Desert Rose’s forehead and told her how much he loved her. Tamir hugged her. Samir kissed her on her forehead right before he lifted her onto Abdullah’s horse. “Be a good girl.” He said tenderly. Sahar could barely breathe, let alone speak.
Abdullah held his bride tightly in front of him. She smelled like yasmine (jasmine). He could hear her breathe and watched her breasts bounce in rhythm with the horse’s gait. The sound of the golden coins she was wearing clanked as they rode through the desert back to his Villa. He introduces her to his family. His father the sheik smiled when he learned his new daughter was that of his old friend. She obediently bows her head showing respect to the elder.
Abdullah guides her into his suit. Sahar calmly and softly said: “I’m not speaking to you” He smiled gently and responded: “You don’t have to speak” – he then took hold of her waist and pulled her towards him. She pushed him away. He didn’t force her. He gently tossed her back on the bed and said rather sternly: “Rest little Sahar. I will give you 3 days to come to your senses and your sense of duty; otherwise I shall restore it for you.” She glared at him defiantly as he left the room then threw herself over and cried. She cried for her mother, father, her horse, her brothers. She is sound asleep when Abdullah comes back into their suit. The next day she didn’t move until he was gone. She refused to eat, or drink, or speak. He came into the suit. She turned away and pretended to sleep. She can smell him. He smells like a man. He stroked her hair and whispered:, “My Desert Rose, what a stubborn child you are. Tomorrow I shall show you the ramifications of your stubbornness. “ he kissed her head. It was the third day. Abdullah left before she woke. She drank water but still refused to eat. Abdullah was losing his patience. “Has she eaten yet?” he asked one of the maids. “la’ Seidy, she has not. “ she replied nervously. Abdullah growled: “Enough!” “Seidy, she is scared,” the maid said, “she is a child, you must be patient and gentle with her.
The workers were drumming outside. Sahar needed to dance. It always cleansed her soul. She tied a sash around her hips and moved to the classic baladi rhythm. Abdullah heard the drumming and it dawned on him: She is dancing. She is hitting each da’ah (drumbeat) swirling those hips in that way that haunted him that first night. He walked in: he wasn’t angry anymore, he was smitten. He stood there arms crossed leaning against the wall watching her every move. God she could feel and interpret the music. She moved like water. Hips moved as though they were separate from her torso. She flipped her hair, spun around and gasped when she saw him. He reached for her hips, she pushed him away. He persisted: “ It’s the 3rd day my sweet, enough is enough.” “Animal” – she hissed. “Why have you not eaten?” he asked. She turned away. “Answer me” he demanded. She turned the other way. “Alright my Amira have it your way.” He said. Abdullah was done. He was determined to break her. He was not going to spoil her in the way her father did. He grabbed her arm “ Let go!” she cried. “Who on earth do you think you are?” she snapped. Abdullah narrowed his eyes and advanced towards her: I am your HUSBAND. Which means by law- you belong to me. Which means I have every right to do with you as I wish. What I wish is to transform you from the incorrigible spoiled brat you are into a proper wife!” He ripped her abaya away from her and threw it to the floor. Again he stepped towards her. Her eyes widened her mouth was agape. “ Remove your underdress.” He commanded. Sahar caught her breath and clutched it: “No!” she stepped back. “Take it off!” he commanded. “Please, no” she said. He again stepped towards her grabbed the top of it and ripped it off of her. She undid her hair: it was the only cover she had. She pulled it over her breasts and desperately tries to cover herself with her hands. He steps towards her.
Abdullah looked her in the eyes and without breaking his gaze said: “ My lil Amira, so defiant, so very very naughty aren’t you?” He threw her over his shoulder. She kickd, he swatted her *** three times. She gasped. Suddenly, she found herself staring at the floor. She felt a cool breeze on her bottom and her nether regions. She could feel his arm around her waist. She could feel his knees underneath her. She desperately tried to close her legs. Abdullah began spanking her. “How dare you!” she shrieked “do you know who I am? Husband or not, this is unacceptable!” Abdullah lowered his left knee bringing her bottom up higher. He swatted harder and harder: “I am your husband, your sheik, your Lord. You will obey my every wish. You will answer me with respect, you belong to me. Every inch of you, every piece of you belongs to me! You will submit to me. I will love you, protect you and keep you; you are my treasure and mine alone. That’s who I am. Do you understand me little one?” “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, yes, yes, yes. Wahhhh” Abdullah kept going: he watched her spunky little bottom change from pink to red to deep red. He pushed her past the defiant silence, the involuntary gasps, and the uncontrollable sobs. She wilted. He guided her to the table. "Eat!" he demanded.  She ate a handful of grapes and two dates.  He lifted her off the cushion and walked her to the corner.  He placed her hands behind her back. “You stand here and reflect on your atrocious behavior.” He said sternly and gave her 5 more swats.  He watched her quiver and catch her breath.  He had a feeling they would have many more moments like this, he and his Desert Rose.
Abdullah removed his outer robe and called her over to him. Sahar jumped at the sound of his voice and somehow managed to turn around and walk towards him. Her face was tear stained. He lifted her chin.  Long wet black eyelashes lined golden colored eyes set off by raven hair.  Her lower lip was sticking out giving her an oh so edible pout. How he loved that lip. He picked her up and lay her on the bed. He can smell her. She smells of yasmine. Sahar is shaking. “shh, shh, you’ll find I am more careful than you imagine. “ he said tenderly. Her legs were clamped together as she tried to push herself away. He grabbed her hips and pulled her towards the edge of the bed sliding her on the satin sheets. He takes her wrists and gently places them above her head. His other hand pulled her legs apart. Abdullah took a deep breath and admired his new young wife. He could see all of her. Her caramel skin, her full breasts adorned with peaks of honey colored nipples, her hip and baby- soft thighs and between them her sex. Sahar turned her head. Abdullah removed his drape. He towered over her.  Black wavy hair framed his chiseled face his large Arabic eyes peered straight at her.  He was erect and ready. She couldn't bear to open her eyes. He ran his hands over breasts rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and down her side causing her to quiver as he reached down between her legs.  He used his fingers to separate her and found the tiny hidden mound. Tormented, she gasped and tried to cover herself. Abdullah immediately picked up her hip, turned her over and delivered three swats to her left cheek and chastised her: “no no no, you are mine now. Every inch of you, you are not to cover anything from me. He again moved her hand up over her head and this time held her wrists there. With his other hand he repositioned her thighs wider apart. He moved his fingers in small gentle circles. “This is mine.” He said “ Do you understand? I want you to answer me.“ he said. Sahar sighed and tried to catch her breath.  "I want to hear you say it.  Tell me this is mine." he said as he alternated the circular motions and inserting his fingers ever so gently into her.  "Tell me.  Say it."  She moaned and whispered  “Yes, I understand it is y-yours.” Sahar tried to fight it, but her body reacted in spite of herself.
He positioned himself, and slowly entered her. Slowly still worked her with his fingers. He gently pushed through the thin film of her hymen. Sahar cried out in pain, tears spilled onto her cheeks. Abdullah paused.. Still inside her, he leaned forward and wiped her tears, kissed her eyes, and moved moves her hair out of her face. Her golden eyes stared up at him, her mouth was in that perfect pout, that lower lip that drove him crazy. He kissed it, bit it gently. “my Desert Rose, how I love you. How I’ve wanted you for so long.”
He reached his hand back down and slowly worked her again with his fingers while beginning to move in and out of her. Again her body reacted. It’s wasn’t as painful now. She felt pleasure despite the twinges of pain and pressure. She reached up to touch his face and ran her hands down his shoulders. So strong yet so gentle. He slid his hands behind her hips her bottom still so warm from the thorough spanking he had given her and pulled her towards him as he pushed into her. Gasps turned into moans, her back arched, her head whipped from side to side, and she cried out and shook uncontrollably. He leaned forward and looks into her eyes. His dark eyes penetrating into her very soul. He moaned and collapsed to her side on the bed.
Sahar couldn’t believe what just happened. She grasped the silk-embroidered sheet and wraps herself scooting all the way over on the side of the bed crying. “No”. he picked her up and pulled her next to him laying her on his chest. He held her so tight. She sunk lower curling up into a ball. He pulled her leg over him. She instinctively tried to pull her legs closed.  She didn't like being exposed and vulnerable but her new husband held her firmly in place.  He gently rubbed her lil bottom.  How warm and red he had turned it.
Abdullah whispered “It’s alright my Desert Rose; you have nothing to be ashamed of." he said as he ran his finger lightly between her mounds and along the bottom of her cheeks.  "It’s alright. I am here forever. This is only the beginning. I’m going to make you the happiest you’ve ever been. All I ask is that you give yourself to me in full. There is nothing I shall deny you as long as it is not to your detriment my precious Amira.” He kissed her head. “So this is love, “she thought to herself as she turned over backing against him.  She slowly reached for his hand and pulled it around her imploring him to hold her again. She wiggled her *** scooting it towards him. Abdullah smiled and warmly pulled her close placing his left hand on her bottom. She sighed and fell asleep. Soundly. Sweet dreams.
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excellent and well detailed!

Lovely story TY :)

That was a fun read and I liked the cultural info you added in:-)

lol Sounds like you have a rich history. I've got several different European ancestors but I don't know much about those cultures. I'm all Californian. lol

Very nice! That's much further south than me but it's nice to meet another Californian:-)

There's going to be a series?? You're killing me with excitement lol :o)

I have a few books of short domestic discipline stories, they are not as good as what you wrote, you have imagination so you should use it, you're Husband is right :o)

I loved this soooo much :o)