My Naughty Girl

My naughty wife and I were at the baseball game yesterday drinking a couple of brews. She had left the house after work and we rushed to the game. She inadvertently left her wedding ring at home (not allowed to wear jewelry at work). She was also late getting home so we were late getting to the ball park. We had a good time once we were there but I tol her on the way that she was to get a spanking for being late (again) and forgetting to wear her ring (again). I was getting annoyed that she kept doing this. So I told her she was to be spanked for forgetting and being late. She admitted her mistakes and was prepared to get a spanking when we got home.

We got home I told her to take off her bra (she had a nice loose shirt on which reveals her breasts nicely) and told her to take off her pants - panties only. She proceeded to drink more, which puts me on alert, but I think she was getting ready for her discipline and egging me on to boot. She is a small woman and it doesn't take long for her to get drunk and proceeded to say disrespectful things. THAT is a no-no and she knows that.

Once we were upstairs, I kissed her passionately on the lips and then pulled her panties down to her knees, brought her over my knee, and spanked her - not terribly hard but firm enough that she got the message. She became soft and submissive immediately. After a little talk she got interested in making love - but that is another story worth telling if there is a demand for it. Anyone?
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spanking for punishment discipline to a sumbissive wife is that spnaking hurts<br />
dont let her have sex wiht you after the spnaking it is not pleasure for her