How It Started

Guess like a lot of other oldies on here i was brought up on haveing my bottom smacked when i had been naughty,
mostly by my Mother and her well used slipper,ouch,and at school i was punished twice.
At this point i must admit i did deserve it not so much a trouble maker more cheeky chappie.
Although once when i was 13 i did steal from a local shop y god did i get a well tanned backside.
So when i grew up ( well some say i have never grown up) i never gave it another thought,but one
of my first serious girlfriends turned out she liked spanking,which of course i never knew untill one night,
when we had been out for a drink and i was in one of my dont careless moods,she said look you are behaveing.
like a silly little boy who needs his bottom smacked over my knee,at first i just laughed it of.but when we got back to hers she said right young man grabbing me by my arm stood me in the corner and said stay there my boy,i her a few shuffles behind me right come here
i turned round to see Chrstine sat on a high backed chair hairbrush in her hand,you can not be serious oh yes i am i told you what
happens to naughty boys now lets have these trousers down,and then i was placed over her lap and belive you me she knew how to use that hairbrush,kind of strange as my bottom was on fire it also turned me on.
Now a days it is not a sexual thing i still enjoy it i still have a boyish smooth bottom so i have been told.
karljohn karljohn
46-50, M
May 16, 2012