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There, I've said it, I have a fascination with spanking.....I'm not quite sure why this has always been a secret fantasy of mine.... maybe its all the romantic novels that I read that contain loving domestic discipline and spanking scenarios, maybe its the fantasy of being taken to task for being bratty or naughty, I don't know.  What I do know is that I don't view this in the same way as abuse, it has always seemed to me to be more about intimacy and closeness - about a partner loving you so much to take you to task in the most fundamental of ways in order to show you the error of your ways, to help you become a better person..... sometimes my fantasies include sensual spanking as foreplay, but regardless of the reasons, for punishment or pleasure, I know that the person I would share this with would have to be someone I had infinite trust in, someone who I know would view it in the same way I do, and also, if i'm honest, allay my fears about it as much as my fascination with it... maybe one day I will experience it, who knows but in the meantime I still have a fascination with it and probably always will
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Hope you've found the spanker you were looking for?

Lovely! I hope you get (or did get?) that experience.

I have the exact same feelings you so accurately & susinctly verbalized in this brief & charming narrative. In fact, I think I was even more closeted in my desires because it took another person seeing it in me to even acknowledge consciously.<br />
Like you, I have never experienced this type of relationship, but I aspire to it. And being on EP, reading stories of other women with similar desires, & honestly, relationships that I ENVY, has been a huge part of acknowledging the kind of woman I am. Its a huge transformation, admitting your deepest desires & finding there are others out there just like you!<br />
So, bravo! Now comes the tricky part, for me anyway: now that I know the kind of relationship I need, I have no desire to go back to silly boyfriends. And finding a man who is deserving of that level of trust & is truly dominant in a respectful, & decent way is a challenge. <br />
But giving it a name, is truly a powerful thing. Good luck!

Well wrtiien article

I chuckled reading this, because I am someone who instinctually spanks people...i am on the opposite side of your spectrum (but I don't go around doing it because people can and will misconstrue it). I'm not trying to hurt anyone, it's more of an indication to the direction I want to move in physically or emotionally.<br />
For example, I'll smack an arse to encourage forward motion, such as "can you move out of the way"...hurry up sort of thing.<br />
Or<br />
I'll smack an arse as a way to show..."way to go! Good job". A reward of sorts<br />
And of course<br />
When passions flare, there is just something redeeming when you are close enough to your partner where I can show her how hot she's heated me with a "love tap". A connection or bonding.<br />
<br />
Just to give three examples on why I get this urge. For the record, I love my guilty little pleasure!

and you made me chuckle reading your comment - I can just picture you 'smacking an arse' as you put it!! Thank you so much for sharing and making me feel, not so self conscious about my post..... ;-)

Don't know where you reside but try that in the UK now and you'll end up in court. Yes the PC brigade has removed almost all vestige of enjoyment from the workplace. In the past if you patted a ladies bottom (or the other way around ,lady patted a male) it was accepted as playfulness, or you got a mouthful which stopped you in your tracks. Now it would only start the sound of coins rolling into some-ones bank balance as you were sued for sexual harrasment. Yes those were the days but sadly no longer.

Same in the US