Desert Rose Part Two

Abdullah watched his new bride sleep. She looked so sweet, so innocent. His thoughts took him back to what he saw at her camp, ah yes, not so innocent. He smiled: her duality fascinated and concerned him.
He thought about the events of the last evening. Never one to shy away from a challenge Abdullah felt vindicated in his dealings with her. He got through to her, it worked. He saw so much potential in her. She could become such an elegant strong leader, despite her having a wild streak. “ I’ll have to continually guide her” , he thought to himself “I’ll have to protect her from herself.”
Sahar felt his gaze and the cool, morning, air across her torso. Startled she pulled the sheet up and smiled softly. He brushed the sheet away and pulled her close. He was warm. “Good morning my Amira” he said softly. “Good morning Seidy” she said as her face flushed. “There’s a gift for you on the dresser. I wish you’d do me the honor of wearing it.” He got up and took her by the hand. She felt a twinge of pain followed by a dull ache between her legs which caused her to remember her husband’s conquest last evening. She wanted to cover herself, cover her bottom. She was so aware of her body now: every sway of her breasts as she moved out of the bed, every tiny wiggle in her bottom which felt as though it was exponentially larger and redder than it had ever been before.
There, on the dresser, just for her, was an emerald- colored galabeya. It was silk, heavily coined, and beaded. She ran her hands over it ever so carefully taking time to admire the arduous work completed just for her. “Do you like it?” he asked. “It’s breathtaking my love” she said as she cast her eyes down respectfully. My love? Apparently this “love” had taken over her usual palaver she thought to herself. She asked his permission to get dressed, again she was shocked at her actions.  “Of course” he said. She reached for her undergarment and he waived his hand disapprovingly. “No more of those” he said as he tossed them over his shoulder. “You may wear your slip but not those.” He said softly. “Uh, I’m sorry Seidy, I don’t understand…” she questioned politely. He stepped towards her, reached around her waist and pulled her close. He slid his hand down and gently between her thighs explaining: “I wish for you to be ready for me at all times. Nonsense like that, “ he said pointing towards her undergarments, “is a hindrance.” Sahar looked like a doe caught by surprise. She caught herself and closed her mouth. “Now that is my good girl.” He said as he patted her tender rear. “ I’m heading down to iftar (breakfast), I’ll be expecting you soon.” He said as he picked up her veil examining it. “You don’t need this within the villa either.” He tossed it and smiled. She nodded obediently. What the hell is happening to her she thought as she locked the door. Where is your queweh (strength) Sahar? She turned and checked her backside in a small mirror. Dark pink. Yes, she remembered, that’s what happened to her queweh.
Sahar put on the galabeya. The coins were heavy and jingled with her every move. She combed her thick hair and let it tumble in large waves down her back. She wore her jewelry as her mother instructed, lined her eyes, and slowly emerged from the suit. She raised her head and tried her best to look like she wasn't nervous as she approached the hallway. She could hear his voice. He was discussing horses. Arabians. The champion breed. She knew it well: how she missed El Hattal.  “Ah, good morning ya binti.” her father-in-law said with smiling eyes. “See my son, there is nothing like the rare Desert Rose. Stunning and demure.” “You flatter me so, uncle. I am but a simple girl.” She said lowering her head. “Nonsense!” He laughed. My son would never be satisfied with anything bearing a likeness to simple.” He said genuinely. “You know your son well Yaba” Abdullah said smiling at Sahar. “Please come, sit, eat.” Sheik bin Talal said as he motioned them over to the table. “Dina, the girl is thin, bring the food!” he laughed. Abdullah seated his bride beside him. Dina filled her plate. Sahar ate silently lost in thought as the men continued their previous discussion. “Seidy” a frail man emerged from the hallway, “El Anisa Shadia (Ms. Shadia), has arrived.” “Shukran Ramzi.” replied the Sheik.
The Sheik lit up as his daughter Shadia entered the room. She was fourteen, bubbly and full of spirit. Her green eyes flickered and her long curly hair bounced as she sang her way into the room. “Good morning Baba!” she chirped as she came into the room. “Shadia habibti (my love), how was your trip?” he asked. “Wonderful! We were lucky enough to catch the…” her voice trailed off as she noticed her eldest brother in the room. “Abed!!!!!!” she screeched as she jumped up and planted a kiss on his cheek. He smiled and hugged his sister. “Sarsoor (little bug) I have someone I want you to meet. Sahar, I’d like you to meet Shadia my the youngest of my siblings. Shadia, Sahar, my wife.” he said.  “Your what?!” she asked incredulously as she pulled on his goatee. “Welcome home!” she hugged and kissed her new sister on the cheek. “I finally have a sister!” she said as she planted herself between her brother and his new bride. She was a chatterbox, but Sahar didn’t mind. She was sweet. Genuine. She decided she liked Sarsoor immediately. Shadia’s expression suddenly changed: “ Has she met the Aunt and the Cousin yet?” she asked. The Aunt and the Cousin? What was that supposed to mean Sahar wondered. “No.” Abdullah said shortly. Shadia patted her brother on the back and said: “Well good luck with that brother.” He swatted her away.
Back in the suit, Sahar wanted to know more about The Aunt and the Cousin. “Seidy, “ she beckoned softly. “Hmm?” he said as he was cleaning his sword. “What is this Aunt and Cousin situation?”  “My sister exaggerates. It’s nothing you need to be concerned with. You’ll see for yourself at the haflah (party) this evening. “ “Haflah?” she asked. “Yes. The one to celebrate our marriage.” He laughed as he kissed her on the forehead.
Sahar jumped at the knock on the door. Abdullah opened it cautiously. It was Ramzi (kind of like a guard) “Seidy, Al Sit Lena (“Sit” denotes married woman) is here to…” “Ya zalameh (man) MOVE!” barked a deep- voiced woman as she pushed him out of the way. When she saw Abdullah, her mustached lip pulled itself into a crooked-missing –teeth smile. She was very tall and thick- framed.   She wore a bright pink galabeya and a sloppily tied green scarf around her head. “Salam, Abdullahhh!” Her deep grainy voice exaggerated the ‘ah” at the end of his name. “I heard you have a bride!” Dear God it's a man in a dress! Sahar thought to herself as she bit her lip in an effort to refrain from laughing. Her husband responded “Salam Khaleh (aunt /mother’s sister). “Let me see, let me see her” she said as she barged past Abdullah into the suite. “Yiiiiiiiiii esh hal jamal? (what beauty)” she said as she spun Sahar around to get a good look at her. “Eyunic el jamileh (you’re eyes are the beauty).” Sahar knew it was good manners to immediately turn the compliment back around towards the person who rendered the compliment. Sahar kept her head down. It wasn’t so much for good manners as it was to stop her from staring at the mustache, the droopy eyes lined with smudged kohl or that giant mole protruding like a second head from the woman’s chin. Khaleh Lena pulled Sahar's chin up to look at her face. Sahar found herself fighting the impulse to jerk away. The woman looked at Sahar’s eyes individually “Mashallah! Eyes of honey!” The woman grabbed Sahar’s head and placed her hand on it “May the evil  eye be kept far” Spit, spit, spit (yes, like the Greeks, Arabs spit too). Sahar’s eyes widened and looked pleadingly at her husband. He was laughing that ox! Lena grabbed Sahar’s chin again and pulled her lips apart: “Esmile! Smile let me see……” Sahar plastered on a smile that was more like a grimace “Ah, good! Good teeth. Abdullah, she is not even missing one!” Abdullah finally came to his bride’s aid. “Yes, Khaleh” he said chuckling, “she is lovely, isn’t she?” “Are you deaf? I said that…. Did you not hear me? He does not listen to me at all you know.” She said in a dramatic tone. “eh listen, I brought you something for you to wear to the haflah! Ya’ah, is beautiful, jameel jidan (truly beautiful). Ya’ah I show you. I was going to buy a yellow one for myself but I don’t want it to make me look fat you know. Eh, Abdullah go!” “What?” he asked incredulously. “Go! GO! GO!” it’s a surprise! “Do as I say! GO!” His crazy aunt pushed him out the door. Sahar giggled. “No listen, see?” she said exasperatedly.
Poking her head out of the door of the suit Lena shrieked to her daughter: “Yallah! Bring it in herrrrreeeee. Yallah, yallah, yallah.” “Yuma! I’M COMING!!!!! ALLAHU AKBAR!” in came a beautiful, petite, young woman of golden colored hair and dark eyes. “Here” she snorted rolling her eyes. “Zewenah! This is Abdullah’s new bride! Isn’t she lovely? Spit. Spit. Spit. She said waiving her hands over Sahar’s head. “Salam” Zewenah said icily and kissed the air adjacent to Sahar’s cheeks avoiding genuine contact. “Salam” Sahar said holding her gaze. Sahar was put off by this Zewenah’s arrogance. She raised her eyebrow slightly. Khaleh Lena broke their stand –off: “Hold this side, ya’ah. Don’t let it drop or I will drop you Zewenah!” her mother nagged. Sahar was terrified. What in God’s name has this hairy man-woman in this blinding pink galabeya brought her to wear to the celebratory haflah? Lena rolled open the side of the bag and pulled out a long white dress. She turned it around to reveal a beautiful white galabeya with gold stitching done in swirls around the abeh (collar) and down the front. The sleeves were trimmed with pearls that dangled and moved ever so elegantly. “Khaleh, I thank you so very much for such a stunning gift. It almost compares to your beauty.” Sahar said swallowing hard at that last part. “Put it on! Put it on!” she hurriedly grabbed hold of the galebeya Sahar was wearing and pulled it over her head. She paused, staring at Sahar’s lack of undergarment. “Ah (yes), ah, ah, I know, I know, my Hani and I were like rabbits when we were young. You know, one time he…” “Yuma! Araf! (gross)”, whined Zewenah interrupting her mother. “Daiyeb (ok) daiyeb” her mother shushed her. Thankfully Sahar was buried in the white galabeyah and Khaleh Lena couldn’t see the expression on her face. “Yiiiiiiii!!! Mashallah!” (fake spit, spit, spit) “Very, very, lovely” she said catching her breath post-spit fest. “Lovely.” Zewenah said mockingly and left the room. “Ya eib el shom! (shame)” her mother chastised as she left. “Here.” She turned her attention back to Sahar. “Put these on.” Lena said as she handed Sahar an undergarment then a slip. “It’s time to gooooooo!” Zewenah yelled into the door. “We are coming. They can wait!” Khaleh Lena barked as she lightly kicked the door. “Yallah, ready?” she said kissing Sahar on the cheek. “I think so” stammered Sahar. It was a lot to take in. Amid all the chaos, Sahar decided that despite her curious ways and her rotten daughter, she liked Khaleh Lena.The door opened, Sahar was ushered down the hall and out the front of the villa.

Abdullah’s eyes widened when he saw his bride. Her beautiful face surrounded by raven locks, her galabeya draped over her curves, the golden earrings that highlighted those golden eyes. He silently wished the hafla was over already. She smiled at him. He placed her sideways on his horse and held her with his left arm pulling her close to him. She could feel his chest against the on the right part of her back. He kissed her forehead “You, my little Amira, have stolen the beauty of the sun, moon and stars. It’s quite selfish really.” he said with a warm smile looking down at her. Her stomach fluttered and she giggled. “Naughty little thing” he said as he squeezed her gently.

The turned and winded around the back of the villa, through the gardens of the courtyard. Sahar held her breath when she saw the hall. The double doors were lined with blue- Moroccan tile. On each side were massive blue planters that matched the tile. In them dark green bushes adorned with gardenia. Surrounding the structure were lattices supporting vines and vines of yasmine. There were butterflies and bees darting in and out of them. The sound of the zaghroutah filled the air (it’s a celebratory noise made by women, long and high pitched, Google it ). The drums began their sharp rhythms. The clapping provided ancillary percussion. Abdullah dismounted his horse, lifted his bride off and brought her down gently beside him. Showers of rose petals… Spit, spit, spit. Girls were giggling: boys were running around chasing each other. In through those giant, intricately carved double doors they went. Sahar gripped her husband’s arm a little tighter. The crowd and noise was intense. He placed his hand over hers and caressed it with his finger.

They sat on elaborately decorated cushions. Each attendee walked up and adorned the bride with a piece of gold. Her wrists were weighted down with bangles of gold; her chest was restricted with the weight of the necklaces, every finger on her hand held a ring. This was custom. This was tradition. She dared not complain nor adjust them or remove them as such a gesture would deem her an ingrate. They ate a seven course meal. The men joked. The women sized her up: some lovingly, some not so warmly. Soon the night was over for the newlyweds. Ushered back to their suite in the same manner they were brought to the hall the hafla would continue without them.

Abdullah closed the door, locked it and spun around chasing Sahar. Giggling she teasingly ran around the table. He caught her, picked her up, and tossed her on the bed landing over her. Laughter continued. Sahar reached up, moved his hair from his eyes and gently tugged his shirt beckoning him closer to her. She kissed him. She was no longer so timid. She went with her instinct. He bit her lip ever so gently and moved down towards her breasts. He bit them through her galabeya. “Get this off” he said sitting her up and pulling it over her head. She fell back on the bed breasts gently moving up then down and slightly apart. He looked down at her hips. “What is this?” he asked a little sharper in tone tugging at her undergarment. “Did I not tell you I expected to you to be ready for me at all times?” he asked. “Yes, Seidy, it’s just that Khaleh Lena was here and I couldn’t tell her I was forbidden to wear them. I…” “You should not have disobeyed me my love. We’ll discuss that tomorrow upon my return tomorrow.” He said and began running his hands down her sides. He picked up her left leg with his arm and lifted her hips off the bed sliding his hands onto her ***. He entered her quickly but gently and began thrusting in the same fashion. She was sore from the previous night but didn’t mind. He ran his strong hands down her breasts and pinched her honey colored nipples firmly. Leaned over and kissed her as he pushed further inside her causing her to gasp and throw her head back. She arched and cried out. He went faster slid his hand behind her head and brought her up towards him. He pushed his tongue in her mouth and held her against him pushing deep into her as he climaxed. He rolled over and pulled her on top of him. “Bahibik ya rouhi (I love you: my soul (my soul is a term of endearment commonly used in arab culture). “W’Ana Kaman, bahibak” she replied softly. Sahar lay her head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat till she fell asleep. He stroked her hair and kissed her gently on the forehead. Perhaps I shouldn’t punish her he thought to himself. She sighed and turned over. He ran his left hand over her bottom … I must, he resolved to himself, I must teach her my word is law. He pulled her closer to him and went to sleep.

The next morning Abdullah awoke to an empty bed. Startled he got up, got dressed, and went down the hall towards the kitchen. “Yaba, where is Sahar?” His father smiled: “Sweet child that she is, she asked my permission to see the garden. Apparently she is a lover of flowers.” The sheik said softly sipping his ahweh (coffee). “Of course.” Abdullah said smiling at his father.

Sahar was reaching for a beautiful white rose when Abdullah’s voice startled her. She pricked her thumb on a thorn in her haste to retract her hand. “Why did you not wake me and tell me you were leaving the villa?” he asked in a “don’t test me” tone as he reached for her thumb wiped away the droplet of blood and kissed it. “You were sleeping. I wanted to see the flowers.” She said a little miffed at the thought of having to tell him everywhere she went. He sensed her defiance. “You are to never set foot outside the Villa without asking me. Do you understand?” he commanded. “Look Abdullah, I am not going to come running to you asking your permission every time….” She started. “You most certainly will Amira because I am going to make it so that it is painful for you not to.” He marched her back to the villa and to their suite. “Get inside” he said. “This is ridic….” she tried to say. “NOW” his voice got louder and sharper. “You are not to set foot outside this room for the remainder of the day.” He said sternly. “Make sure she doesn’t leave.” He said to Ramzi as he left to attend to business.

Sahar was shocked. Slowly, her shock turned to anger. By mid-morning she was seething and pacing her room. “You are not to go anywhere without my permission” she mocked in a deep voice. Who the hell is he? If I let him do this it’s just going to get worse. I had more freedom at home with Samir and idiot. She thought of her Baba and how she missed him. She missed Yuma’s quirky prayers she’d recite over the cooking as a precaution against it burning. She thought of Samir and how she never realized how much he spoiled her. Her mind flashed to El Hattal, her rock, her companion on all her adventures, how she longed to ride. Really ride. Not in front of her husband on his horse. She wanted to feel the wind in her face and lose her thoughts in her horse’s rhythmic thunder. “I’m going home” she announced to the empty room. “I’ll tell Baba that he hits me and I’ll stay there. Everything will be as it was. El Hattal is probably missing me anyway.” she reasoned to herself.

Sahar waited until she heard the Sheik call Ramzi. While they were distracted she slipped out. Around the courtyard, past the gardens… her stomach flipping, the adrenaline rushing through her hands and fingers as she ran towards the stables. She had a way with horses. She picked a smaller sized Arabian and led him around the back of the stables. She mounted, kicked her heels and commanded: “Yallah!” It got easier the further she got from the Villa. Her anxiety turned into absolute exhilaration as she continued the way back to her camp. She imagined the heartfelt welcome she’d receive from her parents and her big brother. She planned to gently punch Tamir in the arm for old time’s sake. She thought about the change in her father’s expression when she told him Abdullah hit her.

It was sundown by the time she reached home. The smell of wara’ (Stuffed grapeleaves) ffilled the air: she hoped Yuma had leftovers. Hearing a horse, her brother came out. “Sahar?” he asked incredulously, “What are you doing here? Where is Abdullah?” Samir demanded. Tamir stumbled out rubbing his eyes: “what did he send you back as damaged goods?” he laughed. “I have more goods than you ever will.” She retorted. “And for your information, he did not send me back. I left.” She said as she raised her nose in the air. “You left? “Have you lost your feeble mind? Do you know the havoc this will create?” “Who is it?” asked the Sheik as he approached. “Salam Baba” she said in her sweet voice. “Sahar! What have you done?!” he said through clenched teeth. “Well so much for my family being happy to see me! Fine! I’ll just leave! Let the raiders get me!” She said as she slowly turned to pretend to leave. “Get of the damned horse!” her father bellowed. Yuma came out. “Sahar?” “Yes, Yuma.” “Bintik hardaneh.” (hardaneh is a term used to describe when new brides get frustrated with their husbands and go back to their parent’s house until her demands are fulfilled or he agrees to change his ways). “What?” her mother questioned in a low voice that was much scarier than when she yelled. “And why pray tell have you done this?” “Yuma, he dishonored me!” A hush fell upon her family. “He hit me and embarrassingly disrobed me.” Sahar said quietly. “Get inside” her mother hissed at her. “What do we do?” Salma asked her husband. “He will come for her. When he does, I will ask him about the accusations. In all honesty I believe our little Rotten Rose is embellishing things quite a bit.” He said disapprovingly.

Abdullah entered the suite late that evening. Empty. Where the hell is she? “I don’t have a wife: I have a devil-child!” he growled as he left the room. “Where is she?” he asked Ramzi. “Uh Seidy, The lovely Sahar appears to have left” he said nervously. “Left?” Abdullah prodded. “Weren’t you watching the bloody door?” he yelled. “Abdullah!” his father the sheik interrupted, “I needed something from Ramzi. Clearly something has gone wrong. Your young wife misses her family and what is familiar to her. Perhaps try a gentler approach.” his father said. Abdullah dismissed his father’s advice. His father was a good man. He was kind, too kind. This approach wouldn’t work with his little handful. It wouldn’t work at all. Abdullah had something in mind that would however. He stormed out the villa. His father didn’t try to stop him, no one did. They knew better than to try to intervene in the unfolding fiasco.

Abdullah rode his horse Hamza fast into the night. He didn’t care what hour he arrived at his in-law’s camp. How dare that little brat disobey him? She was already in for a sound punishment due to her earlier impertinence that morning but THIS, this just made his blood boil. If she thought he was as easily assuaged as her father she was dead wrong. This time, he would prove it to her.

The galloping woke Samir from his sleep. He knew exactly who it was. “Salam Abdullah” he said as his brother in law dismounted his horse. “Samir, my brother, I am here for my bride.” He said. Samir nodded: “Come, we’ve been expecting you.” he motioned for him to follow. “She’s in there.” Samir pointed. Abdullah waived his hand and said: “First, I’d like to speak to your father.” “I’m here my son” said the Sheik as he emerged from his tent. “I am sorry Abdullah. I am at a loss. She said you hit her.” Abdullah straightened his posture looked the sheik in the eye and said: “yes, I did.” The sheik’s pulled at his beard staring intently. “I disrobed her, placed her over my knee, and soundly spanked her for repeatedly refusing her duty as my wife. I will tell you now that I am here for my bride and upon her return, she shall be disciplined yet again. In fact, for the next several days, it is my intention to make it so that she cannot sit down without being reminded of consequences of her infractions. She will be made to scrub floors, cook, clean and do everything I ask of her without so much as a question let alone an objection. I am her husband Seidy, and as your son I shall not lie or keep this from you in anyway. I love Sahar; but with all due respect, she is spoiled rotten. I will humble her if it’s the last thing I do on this earth.”
Sahar barged into the tent, emboldened by being in her own territory. “How dare you come here and threaten…” “Sahar!” her father growled loudly. “La’ Baba! I …” “Ikhrasi! (shutup/ silence) her father screamed at her. Sahar was bewildered. Her Baba never spoke to her like that. “You have dishonored me enough!” He stepped closely to her grabbing her by the back of her veil. “You will OBEY your husband and go back with him or I shall whip you myself!” Sahar looked imploringly at Samir. He turned his head. A rush of shame and rage fell over Sahar. Rather than risk being disrobed and whipped by her father she relented and nodded her head swallowing hard. She mounted the horse herself. Abdullah got on behind her. He bid his second family farewell and turned towards the road.  As he did, he yanked her back towards him. Tightly gripping her, he whispered to her through clenched teeth: “Make no mistake, you will be punished like you have never been before in your life, my sweet.” Sahar whimpered, her lower lip quivered and tears spilled down her cheeks. Abdullah was unmoved by her tears. He hoisted her up and over his shoulder. “Can you please…” she began to protest. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK was his response. Sahar cried softly and bit her lip in an effort to keep silent.

After a while he brought her back down in front of him. He didn’t say a word. Sahar was trembling. No one had ever reacted this way to her before. Suddenly she found herself consumed with thoughts of what he was going to do to her. She sunk lower as they approached the villa. Around the house beyond the courtyard and into the stables they went. Abdullah dismounted, pulled her off and threw her over his shoulder again. “Please, not in front of every…Ahhh!” cried Sahar in response to the five smacks he placed on her backside as he stomped across the garden and through the courtyard towards the villa. No words. Just smacks. Through the doors he barged and said nothing as he passed Ramzi and his father who sat silently smoking the argileh. He stopped, spun around: “NO interruptions, as my errant wife and I will be indisposed for quite a while. “ Sahar felt her face flush.

Abdullah threw open the door to the suite and slammed it behind him. He tossed her on the bed and demanded: “remove everything now! Do as I say. You are in enough trouble already. If I remove it for you I will make sure you are worse off than I already plan for you to be.”  Sahar removed her galabeya and placed it on the dresser. She removed her slip and her undergarment. “Again with those?” he said incredulously. “Daiyeb, daiyeb” he said accepting his duty. He grabbed her and moved her towards the corner of the room. “Itharaki (move) and you’ll regret it.” He barked. Abdullah had to calm down. If he disciplined her now he would lose control. He left the room slamming the door. Sahar wrapped her arms around herself leaned her forehead against the wall and wept. God, how did I end up here? No one understands me! I hate this place, I hate him, I hate it all. What seemed like hours went by. No sound, she was straining to hear noise, anything. There was nothing but silence. Maddening, absolutely maddening. Silence. She shifted her weight from leg to leg. This was torment. Maybe she could sit for a minute, her legs were so sore. She hesitated, then heard the door. Good thing she didn’t sit.

Abdullah stood silently staring at his naked wife standing in the corner. He wanted her to feel him staring at her. She did.  Sahar felt like her bottom was swelling in size. She lowered her hands and held them behind her back in a futile effort to cover herself ever so slightly. She heard him move towards the dresser, he opened it and pulled something out and then another. What was he doing? God what was he taking out of there?  She heard his footsteps come towards her. She gasped as he reached for her and spun her around. He led her towards the bed. There were three pillows stacked, one on top of the other. She was puzzled. Without a word he flung her over them. She whimpered. He pulled her up and forward so they were under her lower abdomen and her head was down on the bed. He positioned her legs apart. She curled her back inwards and cried into the blanket she managed to get a hold of.  He smacked her *** and pushed down on her lower back forcing her nether regions to protrude outwards. She couldn’t see anything and she dared not peer back at him. She heard him slide off his belt. She cried. “Save your crying, I haven’t started yet.” He said sharply.
Abdullah pulled his arm back and delivered the first in the series of her punishment. The belt landed with a loud crack across both of her cheeks leaving a tender mark. Sahar cried out loudly and tried to move out of the way. “Either get yourself back into position or I will place you there and again add to your ever-growing list of defiance!” he growled. She quickly placed herself back over the pillows. Again he raised his arm and delivered the next blow and another and another. Sahar was sobbing. “This is the first of your several nights of punishment. This is for the blatant disregard for my word.” He bellowed. “you are to repeat after me, do you understand?” he commanded. “Y,” sigh “y-yes, S-Seidy.” He delivered a full swing to the area between her *** and thighs. “I shall never disobey you again my lord” he stated. Sahar would never dream of lowering herself to saying such a thing, but this time she didn’t care. She repeated the words amidst gasping for breath. “I, I – I sh shall n never disobey you aagain my l-lord.” Again he delivered a crack across her sit spots. Again she repeated the phrase. Over and over again. The lashes grew in intensity and speed until Sahar could barely speak between the sobs and gasps. Up and into that dreaded corner he placed her. She just wanted to be held. She cried and cried. Abdullah’s heart softened, he loved her so very much. He wanted to scoop her up and make it all disappear; but thought about the long term. Better to set the bar now and implement small reminders than to go through this nightmare again. “Sahar come here.” This was the first time he didn’t use a nickname. Sahar jumped at the sound of his voice. He smiled inside – she was cute after all. She turned and walked head down, hands clasped together, and stopped just in front of him. She twisted her right foot side to side nervously. “What do you have to say for yourself, little one?” he questioned. Without looking up, she quietly and slowly responded. “I, I am ssso very ssorry my lord. “I bet you are. We are not finished yet.” Sahar’s eyes whipped up in horror as her husband pulled her down over his knee. More crying. She was preparing for another influx of pain when she felt the warm oil spilled onto her bottom. Abdullah began rubbing her reddened bottom and thighs. “Why did you leave?” he asked gently as he kept her in place over his knee. “I, I missed my horse and my Baba.” She said in a sad little girl voice and cried. Abdullah took a deep breath and sighed. “Do you have any idea how maddening it was for me not to know where you were, or what happened to you? Do you have any idea?” he said starting to sound irritated again. “I –I am so sorry Seidy. I will never do it again. My heart ached for El Hattal, I’ve never been apart from him.” She softly whispered staring at the tile on the floor. “No, no you won’t. And to ensure you remember not to ever disobey me again you will spend the next several days indoors, cleaning the floors, washing the clothes, and helping the maids. You will not be treated like a princess again until you act with the dignity and ihtiram (respect) required of a princess. Furthermore, we will repeat the ritual tomorrow evening, and the following evening and the following evening, until I deem you have adequately learned your lesson!” he said, as he delivered a series of additional swats per cheek with his hand. “Yes, Seidy. Wahhhhhh” Sahar cried. He placed more oil on her upturned bottom gently rubbing it in. He liked looking at her in this position. She had such a narrow waist which further exaggerated those hips of hers. Her bottom was a deep pink streaked with lines left by his belt.

Abdullah pulled Sahar up and placed her tummy down on the bed. He pulled the sheet over her and kissed her gently. “Go to sleep.” He said as he went to leave the room. “Seidy?” She called to him softly. He turned and looked at her. “Please, I beg you not to go. I, I don’t want you to leave me here alone.” She said with her head down, eyes welled with tears as she looked up at him. He caressed her face and got in the bed next to her. She pushed herself up close to him clutching his shirt tightly. He in turn, tightened his grip around her, kissed her head softly and told her to be good and go to sleep. She had a lot of work ahead of her tomorrow. Sahar couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. He just spanked the rouh (soul) out of her but she couldn’t loosen her grip on him. She mulled over this until she fell asleep.

The next morning came all too soon. Abdullah woke her up, had her eat breakfast and introduced her to Marwa the lead maid. “Marwa, this is my wife Sahar. Sahar has been very naughty lately and, as a token of her remorse, will be helping you with everything today.” “Uh Seidy?” Marwa looked concerned “while I am ever so grateful for the help, we have finished most of the work. There is no need for her to bother herself with such things today.” “Nonsense Marwa. If they are done, she can do them again.” “Hadir Seidy” Marwa said as she bowed her head gently. Abdullah walked away. Marwa turned towards Sahar “I’m sorry my child.” She said softly. Sahar smiled. “I’m happy to help you Marwa.”

Over the next three hours Sahar washed clothes and hung them to dry and aided Marwa in completing a myriad of chores throughout the villa. Abdullah came home to find his bride on her hands and knees scrubbing the tile floors. He smiled and gently swatted her behind as he made his way over to the kitchen. Sahar didn’t mind. No one was around. The cleaning gave her time to sort out her thoughts.

Footsteps and jingles interrupted her internal dialogue. She looked up: great! There standing quietly grinning from ear to ear was Zewenah. “So,” she said snotily, “the little Amira has finally been removed from her pedestal and made to do some real work. Hmm, you are doing a wonderful job!” she announced sarcastically. Sahar remained silent and kept scrubbing. Her rear couldn’t afford an increase in the intensity of the punishments for the sake of this wench. “What’s wrong, at a loss for words?” continued Zewenah. Sahar sat up and glared at her. Zewenah glared back. “uh-oh, tsk, tsk, it looks like you missed a spot.” She said as she dropped a piece of halgoum (Turkish delight-a type of candy) on the floor and stamped on it with her foot ensure to drive it into the grout of the tile. Sahar raised the brush preparing to chuck it at Zewenah’s head but dropped it when she heard her husband: “Kifayah Zewenah! I’ll be speaking to Ahmad about this! Go home!” Zewenah’s shock prevented her from protesting. She ran out the door. Sahar didn’t look up, she scrubbed out the tile once again trying to hide her tears from her husband. Abdullah was incensed at the thought of anyone making her cry. He pulled her up to her feet and held her face with his hands and kissed her pouty lips. “I know my cousin.” He said. “I will speak to her eldest brother about this. That’s enough for today. Come, did you eat?” he asked. “I, I forgot to” she said looking up at him scared. “That just simply will not do.” He said disapprovingly.

Abdullah led his wife back into their room. He removed her clothing. She learned the hard way not to protest her husband’s preference of her being in little to no clothing. Dinner was on the table in their room. He fed her and told her about his day. She listened intently. She loved watching him: so wise, so attractive. She watched his hands as he spoke: so large, so gentle, yet so capable of painfully taking her in hand. “…. Your punishment” he said. Her heart skipped a beat. “Seidy?” she asked. “It’s time for your next punishment.” He said as he led her over towards an armless chair upholstered with beautiful damask fabric. “Get the hair brush out of the drawer.” He instructed. Sahar did as she was told but was confused. What does a hairbrush have to do with anything? She brought it over: “Itfadal Seidy.” She said softly. With that she was brought down over his knee again. “You have been so very spoiled Sahar.” He said holding her there. “How did it feel cleaning and cooking today?” he asked. “It was hard work, my lord” she said softly “but I do not question your judgment.” She said. They were both shocked into silence for a moment. Sahar couldn’t believe what just came out of her mouth and neither did her husband. “Good girl.” he said “I was going to immediately utilize the hairbrush but your response has appealed to my soft side.” He lowered his left leg and raised his right and began peppering her *** alternating swift, crisp smacks to her cheeks. Soft gasps turned to whimpers as he kept going. “I am going to spank the defiance out of you even if I have to do it on a nightly basis. What audacity you display, my little menace. Leaving the villa without asking, talking back with such insolence when I questioned you, and then leaving the camp and going back to your parent’s house.” “I’m sorry Seidy I… will never disobey you again.” She cried. He picked up the hair brush. The first blow sent her howling and bucking almost causing her to fall to the floor. Abdullah tightened his grip around her waist with his left arm, and pinned her legs down between his. Over and over amid the screams he lectured her. Again and again the hits came too numerous to count.

Finally he stopped. She didn’t move. She lay there sobbing and shaking. He lifted her up and tossed her on the bed. He grabbed her hips and flipped her over onto her stomach, lifted her to her knees and pushed her head downwards. Sahar braced herself for the belt’s bite. To her surprise she heard him disrobe. He got behind her and entered her. This time it wasn’t the patient gentle approach he used before. This time he pushed himself in with full force. The pressure and twinges of pain caused Sahar to cry out. He grabbed her hair pulling her head slowly upwards. He reached around and grabbed her breasts hard. He moved his hands to her shoulders and rocked her backwards roughly forcing himself even deeper inside of him. She couldn’t counter and pull herself forward. He kept going faster and harder. He was panting as he drove himself into her over and over again. Sahar was gasping with each thrust. “I am your husband and you belong to me.” He said. “Say it!  Say the words!” “I, ugh!” she gasped “belong huh, to ugh, you-ou” she replied. “Again!” he demanded. “Ugh, huh, huh! I be-long to-o you-oou!” Abdullah pulled himself out her and she fell forward on the bed. She was sore, her *** was burning, and she was frustrated as hell as she herself was granted no release this time. “You may rest now” he said as he placed the sheet over her kissing her head. “Thank you Seidy.” She said softly. “I will be gone all day tomorrow. You are to again help Marwa and stay inside. Is that clear?” he asked. “Yes, my lord.” She responded obediently.  He tucked her in and went to smoke the argileh with his father.

The next morning, Sahar felt the sting of her punishment with every step, her galabeya felt so scratchy against her tender bottom. She kissed the kind Marwa good morning and set out to help her throughout the day. She loved the woman who made her laugh telling her stories of her own antics as a new bride. The time went by quickly. Evening came and Sahar hurried to get changed and cleaned up before her husband came home.

Abdullah entered the suit to find his beautiful wife waiting for him obediently in the corner. Sahar wanted to show him that she could be good, that she wanted to be a good girl, that she needed to be his good girl. His heart melted. “Come here my Amira.” He said softly. She turned looked at him and smiled. “That smile could render the strongest of swordsmen defenseless” he thought to himself. She ran to him and jumped up wrapping her arms and legs around him. He was so pleasantly surprised. Could it be? Could it be that he finally broke the wild filly that she was? Don’t kid yourself man, he laughed to himself. Still he would take this for the time being. “Seidy” she said as he sat her down on his lap facing him. “Hmm?” he responded. “I have decided” she said with a child-like certainty “I have decided, that I am going to be a very good girl from now on.” She said nodding her head reaffirming her statement. “Have you now?” he asked smiling. She was ever so adorable.  “Yes, yes I have. I’m going to listen, and not talk back and remain calm even when I’m raging inside and I’m not going to need a spanking ever again!” she proclaimed.  Abdullah laughed at his young bride’s *****. “Well, little one” he said as he tapped her nose with his forefinger, “I’ll be the judge of that.” She crinkled her nose and giggled.  He then took hold of his wife’s waist and placed her over his knee. Sahar whimpered. She really thought he’d see she was trying to be ever so good. She was disheartened. She braced herself for the first of the series of whacks that would send her into hysterics. The first one landed with a slight sting. The next one landed with another slight sting. Abdullah rubbed his wife’s shapely bottom between the gentle smacks. He kept going. She arched her back a little after each swat. Little wiggles... Little adorable wiggles and sounds… He smiled. He moved his hand down between her legs and lightly ran it across her sex. She moaned and arched her back. “Good girl” he said as he did it again. This time sliding his finger between her lips finding that hidden little mound…back and forth... he lifted her up and onto the bed.
He pulled her legs wide apart, leaned over her, and kissed her eyes and her mouth. He ran his lips over her breasts running his tongue over her soft nipples, sucking them erect.  Sahar’s body was animating itself in ways she never thought possible.  Down her stomach he moved, further and further still. He kissed her hips and the front of her thighs and moved inward. Sahar gasped as he gently kissed and bit the inside of her thighs. He pushed them upwards with his hands. She shivered at her being so exposed to him. He gently moved his lips over her sex. His tongue ran between them separating them. Sahar tried to move, she was so embarrassed but her husband’s strong grip just pushed her legs up and further apart. He flicked his tongue softly at that little mound of hers. Sahar gasped for air. He ran his tongue in circular motion. The rush came over her like a freight train: she gasped and moaned and clawed at the sheets around her all the while Abdullah held her firmly in place. He watched as her head flew backwards, her back arched sending her full breasts upwards. She shook, convulsed, her hair whipped from side to side, she cried out and slumped back. “That’s my sweet girl” he said with a smile as he entered her. She wrapped her legs around him. She couldn’t get enough of him. Slow and deep...breathing rhythmically. Sweat dripped from his forehead. She ran her nails up and down his back. He stared into her eyes that penetrating stare he had, he climaxed and relaxed next to her on the bed. Pulling her close to him he said: “See, the fun in being a good girl far outweighs the temporary rush of your impulsivity my Amira.” He said smiling. “Yes, Seidy” she affirmed, “It absolutely does.” “Sleep well my Angel” he said. “Bahibak Seidy” she said wrapping herself in his right arm. “I love you too my Amira” he responded pulling her close. “I have a surprise for you tomorrow morning.” He said teasingly. “Really?” she said excitedly. “Yes, now go to sleep before I change my mind.” He laughed. “Hey!” she pinched him lightly. He kissed her. She giggled and did her best to be a good girl and went to sleep wondering what in the world he had for her – this surprise of his.
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No she isn't on here. She doesn't have much time for the computer because she is working on her MBA and just got promoted at work and is spending a LOT of time fixing stuff that has been ignored for a long time.

Maybe in the next couple of months I will get her on this site.

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