My Naughty Girl 2

The other night, we had some friends come over. They were co-workers of hers and their husbands. We enjoyed each other's company, the music, playing pool, and eating really good food that my wife put together. When I came home after work before the party started, she was all dolled up looking HOT wearing a short T dress and black high heel shoes. I come over to her and kissed her passionately and reached down and grabbed her butt, then brought my hand up under her skirt - she was wearing a little black thong. I grabbed her cheek and told her she might be in for a spanking. She grinned and said "What ever you say Daddy!".

After the guests left, we cleaned up and headed for the bedroom where I helped her get out of her dress. She had on nothing but her thong. I was still dressed (I like the CMNF). I told her to take off her thong. Just then, as she was taking them off, her phone rang. It was an important call to her and I understood. But she was on the phone way too long. She was on her stomach on the bed talking to her daughter on the phone. I got up and pulled her legs over the edge of the bed so her bottom was protruding - legs on the floor, and chest on the bed. Her butt looked so lovely. I told her she needed to finish her conversation. She nodded as though she understood but didn't finish the conversation. It was then that I decided to spank her lovely bottom. I started to spank her lightly to warm up, then progressively started to spank a little harder. No response from her and her conversation continued. You could tell she was enjoying the attention and enjoying the spanking. She finally got off the phone and I scolded her for talking way too long. I told her she could have called her back in the morning - it wasn't an emergency or anything like that. I continued to spank her in fits and spurts, spanking her a little harder. She began to feel the sting and started to complain but she knew she over did it with me.

I stopped and went to lie down on my side of the bed. I told her to remain in the position I left her in. She did as I requested. She asked when she could get up. I told her to wait and that I will tell you when. After a few minutes, I allowed her to get under the sheets. She immediately snuggled up to me and started playing with my ****. She gave me an awesome blow job, all the while, I am petting her lovely ***. She scrambled up on me and rode me like a bull. I slept very well and was thoroughly relaxed and in love.

What a girl she is to me.
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Nothing better than a good shapely woman over the side of the bed bare arsed enjoying a spanking. A light paddling would of been warranted