I have a fascination with spanking since my early childhood.We were spanked in our family very frequently. I got my first spanking when I was about five years old. It was not very severe at this time, just a few smacks with the hand on my bare bottom. But when I became older, I got more and harder smacks.When I was about 10 to 12 years old, I was spanked about once per week, and with 14 to 15 about twice per week, and I got it not only with hand, but also with spoon, strap, belt or cane . Each spanking lasted at least half an hour, sometimes even an hour. Of course I was not smacked all this time. Dad or mom spent a lot of time in explaining me, why I was about to be spanked. After the spanking they spent some time in consoling me and complimenting me on how bravely I took my punishment. During all these explanations they carressed and rubbed my bare buttocks. The actual spanking respectively caning, which means hitting on my bare bottom with hand or the selected implement, lasted about 5 min., but this was sufficient to make my bottom really hot and sore . So spanking was really a big issue all the time, and I sometimes had the feeling, I couldn't think about anything else but my bottom and the spankings I received on it or was about to receive. So in fact, when I calculate roughly, I received more than 1000 spankings in my life until now . This may be the reason why even nowadays, myself being adult, I focus on my bottom all the day and all the night . What does it mean?
During the day, when I am at work, I need to go to the restroom again and again, take down my jeans and my panties and put both hands on my bare bottom and feel it up. I hardly can stand more than two or three hours without feeling up my bare bottom. Whenever possible, I take a mirror with me and observe my buttocks, while I pat and carress them with one hand, keeping the mirror in the other hand and admiring my beautiful bottom. If I am certain that nobody else is present in the restroom, I would slap my bare bottom, enjoying to listen to the sounds, generated by the slapping, reverberating from the walls. Occasionally I cannot resist and need to put one hand at my hot ***** and ********** frantically.
I do have to say that I really have got a wonderful bottom. Everybody who ever had the chance to look at my bottom or to feel it up, confirmed, that it's an extraordinary bottom, and believe me, a lot of people got the chance! And a lot of people (uncle, aunt, all kind of relatives) used every pretext to get access to my bare bottom, and, if possible, spank it.Frankly speaking I cannot blame them. It's a big bottom, firm, round and smooth. Men are mad about it, and I get it groped frequently, which I enjoy a lot.About two years ago a medical doctor was my friend for about half a year. He was extremely excited ( and aroused! ) not only about the shape, but most of all about how tender, smooth and flawless the skin of my bottom was .When I told him, that I got so many spankings on this bottom already, he said, there is no doubt, that the frequent spankings contributed very much to the smooth and fair skin of my buttocks, because these spankings promoted the blood circulation and thereby produced this extremely smooth skin.
My current boyfriend also is extremely mad about it. As soon as I come through the door in the evening, he insists on me making my bottom bare instantaneously, to make sure he has free access to my buttocks whenever he wants, and he wants all the time! There are hardly a few minutes when I do not feel his hands rubbing over my bare bottom and patting and slapping it. Again and again he asks me to go in different positions, so he can admire and enjoy the different shapes of my bottom . For example I am requested to bend over, or to stand upright, putting the weight from the left leg to the right and back,again and again , while he observes the change in the shapes of my both buttocks. Quite often he keeps one hand on one of my both buttocks to feel the change in the shape in his hand also . He also likes to put one hand on my bare bottom while we are walking along side by side, just to feel the change in the shape of the buttocks step-by-step ! While we are looking TV, he is sitting on the couch and myself across his lap, while he caresses and strokes my buttocks all the time, for hours and hours. I feel his hard on at my belly all the time. About two or three times during the evening he would ask me to bend over, and then he would put his stiffie into my ***** or my bottom hole and thrust back and forth, finally orgasming violently.even during this ****** he wouldn't take his hand from my bottom. All the time he would compliment me on my, as he says, unbelievable bottom.
I like it very much to get my bare bottom spanked, and about twice per week I get a spanking by hand, or strapping or caning. Normally I would ****** at least once during the spanking, occasionally twice.
If my boyfriend is not at home, which happens occasionally, I really have a problem. In these cases I would spend much time in front of the the big mirror in our bedroom. I would stand there, quite close to the mirror, looking back over my shoulders into the mirror and admiring my big, round bare bottom. I would pat it, stroke it, put both hands under my buttocks, lift them up and let them fall down and observe, how they wobble back into their original shape. After about half an hour I produce a cane, and apply the cane on my bare bottom, observing my buttocks wobble under each impact of the cane. When I have got a real hot and red bottom, I go back to the mirror, standing upright and trace the stripes of the cane with my fingertips, using one hand, while the other hand is working at my hot *****. In no time I would ****** violently, and after a few minutes of recreation I would repeat the game again. In average I ********** and ****** three times per evening. When I am finally in my bed, I need to keep one hand on my bare bottom and feel the hot and smooth skin and the stripes produced by the nasty cane. So my last thought before I fall asleep in the night is my bottom, and when I wake up in the morning, my first thought is my bottom again. I need to put one hand on it, rub it and squeeze it, while one hand is again at my hot *****. And all the day I would think about the next spanking or caning, that I would receive on my bare bottom from my boyfriend or would apply myself
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Wonderful to read a piece by a girl so gloriously fixated on her bottom. For me, a female's bottom is the most delicious part of her anatomy, and I'm never so happy as when I've got a pretty girl bare-bottomed across my lap for me to stroke, spank and redden those beautiful curves.

Thanks for a great read - and happy spankings!

Thank you for that unparalleled, fascinating writing!

Great emotions and writing! Brings memories of my own panties-down punishments!

Very insightful yet very hot story; there is something about spanking that creates a bond between the two participants, generating feelings and memories that are etched into our memories.
There is nothing as pleasurable as spanking a gorgeous bum, and most spanking enthusiasts will fixate on that part of the anatomy when they see a woman in public, lol.
Thanks for sharing.

Thx! I m glad you like it.

lovely story, thank you for sharing


Glad they have taught you well and made you appreciate the cane

how long you suffered after

My goodness gracious! Even with so much discipline you grew a love for it. Outstanding :)

You and your boyfriend are about as bottom oriented as you could be - nice to fantasize being him....

I suspect your hand moved down.......

Good suspicion...


mine is

Great story about a wonderful subject and one also close to my heart and my hand as well...

I suspect your hand moved down.....

I always said that the more spankings a girl got growing up, the more beautiful her rear end would be. A good, hard, spanking shapes and tones a girl's behind.

you are wonderfully aware. i'd be honored to spank your hiney and then mount it, probably in your back door

That's alot of spankings for your age u must of got spanked 3 times a day :) lol

why 3 times a day? I count less!
I ********** 3 times per day,but thats different to being spanked

Can I clone you? Lol. I seriously am intrigued by your fascination with not only MY favorite hobby,Spanking, but with I assume isn't your own quite magnificent backside. I Spank a girl now that loves to ********** at work while slapping her *** over the phone for me to hear and enjoy. You sound like o lot of naughty fun lil one.....

That was supposed go read IS YOUR OWN MAGNIFICENT BACKSIDE

I want to spank you & make you submissive DON

You certainly deserve a good spanking for posting such hot stories - I hope some of them at least are true! I read this in bed and it gave me a huge hard-on.

Gave a hard on? And then?

I had to wait a while but I came loads.

Glad to learn!

Canings are also very erotic to me. Thanks for posting.

your bf is lucky

i like your story very much . i m a great lover of spanking . cant wait to see your nice butt

hi spankolina, sexy experiences you have about spanking! and i think we have some simmilar habits.. lol.. sometimes i also use selfspanking to stimulate myself (more often since i m separated from my bf ).. i also like to look at my bum in the mirror.. specially after i have been spanked..

this calls up an incident back to my memory.. i once was spanked by my dad during a vacation which we spent at the seaside in a caravan. it was a vivid spanking and my bum was well marked even slightly bruised. Lacking privacy in the caravan but - like you - very keen to look at my bum i used to go to a kind of lavatories. The toilett cabins were placed on the opposite side of a wall where a row of washbasins were installed. above those sinks there were mirrors on the wall. I had found out that in the late morning or in the afternoon the lavatories rareley were used. I could see (and admire) my well spanked bum in the mirrors by climbing to the toilett bowls when the cabin doors were open. I did what you did - obsessivley- lol.. whenever i heard someone enter the lavatories i jumped down and hastily close the door. Didnt get caught, lol!

You seem to be a girl as bad as myself ! I suppouse the risk of being observed enhanced your arousal. I like to do something naughty and kinky, making sure that there is a risk of being observed. Turns me on. I also like to give people a chance just to get a glimpse on the stripes on my bottom.Funny to see how they respond, and so strange and kinky. Get wet within seconds. Such an exciting game !

Bad boy

have u been spanked lately If i was your bf I have no problem spanking u :) n u r like alot of people u just enjoy getting spanked :)

Last spanking was on Sunday. I should wait till Saturday to get the next, but I need it so urgently !! Don `t know if I can stand it until then? Possibly ask Daddy to wallop me today.....and then **********.....mmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......
Btw I also like to spank actively. I m babysitting occasionally, looks like I get an oppotunity then.

do you think your dad knows you ********** after?

Who gave uyour last spanking n how did u get spanked.oh no how old r the kids that u r babysitting that u may spank

I got it from dad (see my stories and you know why ). I got the spoon and finally 5 cane strokes,all bare bottomed. They are 12 .

Sure he does!

We care for our arousal seperately, but know what the other is doing right after a spanking.

Bet u enjoyed it too :)--------

Hehe !!

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we are into spanking

add us hun we love your stories

Ya they will also spank ur butt!

Sounds like a young someone has experience with this.

My,my, everybody everybody craves access to my bare bottom, some to fondle it, but most of them to spank it. Boys and girls, I like to be spanked, but I can take only a limited number of spankings!

Want to confine my circle to SPANKING enthusiasts exclusively,sorry !

Hahahahaha! Little miss populiar! Dont worry ill talk to u just as a friend! U can add me!!;))

We r into spanking. add us n look at our pics

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I want to be the next man that spanks your sexy round shaped butt,I will turn it cherry red with ice cream on top

sounds like you could use a otk bare bottom spanking right now,add me as a friend so i can see that sexy butt of yours.You would get long hard spankings from me,your butt would stay cherry red all the time.

i was spanked a lot as well and i to have this feeling to want to spank myself or get some one to do it

Your boyfriend is incredibly lucky. I hope he realizes it.

Oh yes, he does!