I am waiting for my father to come:
   Memories from the past. Fear and resignation flow through my mind.
   Dad said to me ‘***** and wait for me in your room. You earned it, son.’
   My vain begging for forgiveness, my tears, my yells. I lie on the bed.
   Dad’s belt burns my bare buttocks, my thighs, my hips, one by one.

I am waiting for my boyfriend to come:
   I will suffer and I will rejoice. ‘***** and wait for me naked,’ he joked.
   ‘Naked without fail, buddy.’ So he told me and I did it just so on the fly.
   My friend’s belt will make fireworks to light up the sky. Our foreplay.
   The border between punishment and reward I barely could descry.

Codrin Codrin
46-50, M
3 Responses Aug 22, 2014

Do you always get turned on by spankings?

I guess the answer is YES. In my childhood time and during my teenage I felt fascinated listening to my friends speaking about the spankings they got, and even had fantasies about that.

Me too. I loved watching cute boys get their butts paddled in front of the class!

Punishment is its own reward.

Thank you for an interesting comparison. How things change and, to an extent, remain the same. Thanks for the pretty picture as well.

The ancient Greek philosophers, who knew to appreciate better than us the beauty of a lad's arse, would have said the same :)

I think you and I do fairly well in that regard! :)