Spanking Fascination

I was always fascinated with being across the knee of someone.  It started with the children's comics of the day,  when there were often spankings in the stories.  I wanted to be the kid across the knee.  I tried hard sometimes to annoy my Mum so I could get that sensation.  It did happen in the end and I grew to like it.  As I got older I did not realise why I had strange feelings down below,  now of course I know they were the start of sensual feelings.

It was the helplessness,  the bare bottom,  the lying across the knee in a sort of erotic way that increased my sensual feelings as I got older.  Those smacks,  the sore bottom,  even the tears all made this an experience I needed.

Bottomly Bottomly
56-60, M
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Natasha,<br />
Sorry it's to far.

2doerver<br />
Hi ilive in Cape Tow.<br />
Natasha.<br />

It depends on where you are residing, Natash!

God I need a spanking. Can you help me??<br />
I am a cdrossdresser.<br />

I still enjoy a spanking from a lady!

Well I am now of an age where it is difficult to find anyone who will treat me like a child.<br />
<br />
However I do enjoy seeing others getting a good spanking or the pictures showing the end result <br />
<br />
(younger ones of course !!!!!!!!!!)

Yes I agree. Those feelings, too nice!<br />
Are you still into spanking?