How My Parents Punished Me

I grew up in the 1970's when spankings were a common occurrence in many homes and mine was no exception. My parents were very strict and spanking was their main form of punishment and though the spankings were pretty harsh I was never punished without deserving it and I never felt abused or resentful towards my parents.  In fact I was usually mad at myself for having disobeyed them.

My parents believed spanking wasn't really for little kids but more appropriate for older children "that should know better".  So spanking really started from when I turned 10 until I was 16 although I was told that spanking would resume if necessary.  Most of my spankings were during 7th thru 9th grades.

Some of the things I was punished for were lying, defiance, not doing my chores or homework, somtimes grades,  going somewhere or having something that was forbidden.  Backtalking or arguing with my parents was also a frequent reason for punishment.

My father traveled often on business so the job of spanking me was mainly my mother's.  Probably 80% were given by her with the other 20% given by my father with mom "assisting".  Spanking was done with a leather belt just for this purpose they kept in the hall linen closet for easy access when it was needed. 

My spankings were not a "go to your room and wait" event or were they just a few slaps on the bottom.  They were a complete spectacle.  They were always given "on the spot" and came with little or no warning and without regard to who else might have be present. 

A typical spanking started with me being marched/dragged to my room.  Panic-stricken, I'd desperately try to talk my way out of what was about to happen while at the same time struggling to keep my clothes from being removed.  But being a small child for my age, I was no match for either of my parents in a physical contest.  Struggling only slightly delayed the undressing and made them even madder than they were already but I just couldn't help doing it. 

My parents were never concerned with "children's modesty" nor did they make any effort to close curtains or windows beforehand.  All of this made for a very embarassing situation.

The actual whipping came fast and furious.  I was sometimes spanked standing up being held by one arm or my mother would make me bend over the edge of my bed and hold my wrists together behind my back.    I would be hit with the belt at least several dozen times across my rearend and the backs of my legs while I struggled to get away.  If I did manage to get free and roll over onto my back the spanking continued with my legs lifted in the air. 

Unfortunately, I was never able to take my punishment with any amount of bravery.   My behavior during a spanking was quite childish.  From the moment I knew I was getting a spanking I cried, screamed, begged, pleaded and promised to be good.  Again, I just couldn't help it. 

Of course, after the spanking was over and I was released I would jump up off the bed and begin rubbing my stinging butt and legs still bawling uncontrollably.  I knew the pattern of red overlapping belt marks would certainly last several days.

Later I'd lie on my bed still crying into my pillow.  My mind would be full of different emotions.  Guilt for having disobeyed my parents, and embarassment thinking about who witnessed my punishment or who might have overheard it.

Spankings have always been a source of fascination for me as a child and as an adult.  I witnessed friends getting spanked on several occaisions and wanted to know more about how other kids spankings compared to mine but I was really much too embarassed about the subject to ever discuss it with them.  Which obviously is why I'm here. 

So did anyone else have parents like mine?
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I did. On the spot spankings from my Mom, with a paddle or hairbrush, panties pulled down. Daddy only once, an unjust misunderstanding.


Same as my parents.Except I was spanked since I was about 5 years old until I was in my late teens. I always was dragged to my room or scared off to my room, however it was done my parents always got me up there. I would always try to resist, but always failed to.

My history and expereince as well as reaction was very much like yours. I got it from both parents. Mom stopped around 16 or so -- at least the formal bare bottom stuff, but my dad who spanked a little less than my mother historically kept it up until I was maybe 19 or even 20. <br />
<br />
The junior high years were the worst -- i think it must have been my hormones!<br />
<br />
It was always a spectacle for me too!

i was never dragged to my bedroom by my mother but was sent there to recieve a bare bottom spanking. not very often though. the last time i was 12 and a half, these spankings were given for the more serious offences i committed as a boy in the 1970s. although upstairs and in private the door was never shut. i also never struggled as it wasent worth it but always hessitent to lower my trousers and underpants so had to be assisted. she would sit on the bed and with me standing in front of her or at the side she would pull them down. i would then be laid across her knees with my head near to the carpet. after a shuffle around to get me at the right angle with my bottom sticking up i would await the first slap. this would 6 and given very slowly. she never showed any anger and was always calm during and after the spanking. although she only used her hand, she left a lasting impression...

i know how u feel i was caned

My fascination I think started as a teenager when I was given a book to read by Marquis De Sade, which of course I found very interesting & enjoyable. But of course it may have been in me anyway & that was just an enlightening moment that could have been triggered by a number of events. I have always found, since puberty, that a womans bottom to be the first part of her anatomy that I look at, so I think spanking is a natural progression from there.<br />
I was certainly well spanked as a child & adolescent, both at school & at home, where it was often on the bare

Same here. At a VERY young age, I became facinated with the female backside through several years if spanking them in play. I did spank boys, too but not nearly as often as I did girls.
It started with my ginger sister and just continued from there. I was spanked by both parents OTK so did the same in play. Many of the spankings I delivered were on the bare though I found those lovely bottoms almost as lovely clothed as bare. I got in trouble only a few time yet went on to provide as much enjoyment to them as I had doing it!
Many spankings were delivered in the setting of house (mostly with a very small group) or school when the group was larger. My greatest enjoyment, however, was on the many secretive one-on-one encounters where we could play more intimately and thus produce that much more enjoyment!
Did you ever play such games as a child?

Well, I wasnt usually spanked by a belt, just depend on the offense, which my action can be every defiance, since my dad isn't really home [ he usually goes to his business trip that can last weeks or more ] and since my parents are divorced so I'm usually home with my older brother who doesn't careless about what i do. The only time that he would spank me with a belt was when i snuck out of my room at night, or because i forge his signature on paperworks or report card, and mainly because i don't usually stay in my room when I'm grounded and all those only happened once or twice

mine too, dad did most of our spankings, but witnessed some friends and cousins and my sister, so around 12 i started to become "interested in spankings"

both mom dad spank me an my bro an sis also i got to see them get spank an cousins also i got spank till i was 21 an spank after also

mine to

yes i did my mother spanked me regardless who was there many time my bottom was bared in a roomfull of people very embarrrassing