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A Letter To My Brother


, Tommy D!      Just wanted to say we miss you. I know life hasn’t been easy in there but I know you survive! It’s already Oct. and tomorrow is your birthday, I know your card is LATE. As usual what else is new. I’ve been thinking about you. We all have. I just wish everything could get back to normal with things. I can promise you this: “Follow the ways of the Lord, and He will give you the desires of you heart.”. God’s timing isn’t the same is our timing. I know things went wrong in your life that WEREN’T FAIR, for instance, KIM. But still, we need to pray for her, because she doesn’t know what she does. And if you follow God’s Word, I promise you He will bless you like you wouldn’t believe. Look at how my life was and look at how it is now. I know things are tough, and putting you in jail over an EASTER BASKET you NEVER EVEN GAVE YOUR DAUGHTER, is a PURE WASTE OF TAX money, and WHO should be sitting in jail right now is K.M V...A. For all the lies she inflicted upon you, AND her attorney. But we don’t have to worry about her because she will get hers in the end.  But we all miss you, and just want you back. Please come see us when you get out, are you getting out Oct 31? I will be at moms with the kids trick or treating. I’m sure I will see you then!!!!! We all love you, and miss you.     I’m done with my ten page essay, lol. Take care, and see you soon!! I love you, and we ALL miss you.   Love, Sisi, Big T, Lil T, Bigger T, A.L, Lil No, May, Yo, Shro, Ping, Butterscotch, Alley Crooked Foot, Toot, Puddle, Paddle, & Screamer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  
Neveah Neveah 16-17, F 6 Responses Oct 12, 2009

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My son was and another man was setup by a 15 year old girl when he was 22 years old, 91/2 years later she pressed charges against both of them. My son did 6 years in Federal prisons, being transfered from one prison to another all over the U.S. She had stated this on-line in a 2 page confession, stating that Eli ( not sure if that is his name) how she had fun setting them up, I couldn't believe what she had done not only to my son but to the entire family, his son, mother, sister, nephews. nieces, wife(who are now divorced), where do these girls come from? Who thought them to do such horrific acts to men, their dads, moms,aunts, uncles, friends who? These girls should be put in prison as rapist themselves.

All of this is really now 28 year old brother is also in prison for something he really did not do..again the system failed him "Really" bad..he's been in prison since the age of 17 years old...he has 11 more years to go...there are rapists, child molesters, murderers and let's not forget celebrities getting less time than my "Baby Brother"!!!!!!!!!

You know your post brought me to tears. I am in TEARS. Its a sad sad story. I truly beleive that girls are worse when they get mad. My brother was a good father. He did nothing to his daughter and yet, he's in jail for giving her gifts. The reason this post made me cry is because in my brothers last letter to me, he said the same : Vengence is mine, sayeth the Lord. He used to teach sunday school. He did NOTHING. <br />
In this case, its a simple JEALOUS girlfriend who didn't get her way with him.<br />
Sad, noone can see our lil girl now.<br />
thank u for your story it hit my heart.

We seem to have so much in common. My sons friend, whom I call my third son was put in jail by his girlfriend, she had set him up clearly. She asked him to go get some food for her kids(which the state just gave back to her) when he showed up she grabbed the food and slammed the door in his face. He was living with her(wasn't supposed to in a low income place) but after slamming the door he wanted in to get his things. His anger got the best of him, of course with a girl like that, its what she was hoping for. He tried to go to the back window and open it but it broke when he tried to push it up. He got in and she grabbed a piece of glass and slit his throat, his reaction was to swing at her which he hit her in the face. He had to be rushed to the hospital, she just missed his juggular. She conveniently has a mom that works in the court system and the police, she probably knew him, wrote down a total different statement than what he made. The police could clearly see he had all his stuff there and was living there but didn't write it down. The girl who only had two teeth because previous boyfriends knocked them out, told the police that my (son) knocked them out. So he was charged with physical disfigurement and breaking and entering. I went to the court dates to support him and could clearly see their was an attitude towards by the judge, different than all others. In the end it was proven that she didn't have any teeth knocked out but the witnesses that knew he lived with her were to afraid to testify. During the sentencing, the judge got mad because the public defender misunderstood a comment by the state so she said she was gonna give him life. Life? he had no priors and she wants to give him life? for breaking into a place he lived in? She also spoke to him as if he had an attitude, which he clearly didn't, I was there, I could see something wrong was going on, especially when she slips in the word rape. Unbelievable, a judge letting the word rape slip in when its not even a charge. Boy she was eager to stick it to him. So my friend, my 3Rd son so to speak gets 2 years for what? Thats more than a child molester, in this state anyways. He used to not believe in God but I have written him on a regular basis and sent Bible study sheets and he now has faith and belief in God and prays, and believes God will help him to survive. He has already been beaten by inmates and guards for doing nothing. He says he'd rather be in the box to stay safe. He just wants to do his time and get out. He now has studied the Bible enough to where he even writes me and comforts me with scripture. This young man, about to turn 21 has kept me going through many things in my life. He used to live at our house most of the time. He has Crohns disease and they won't let him take his medicine. I pray for him daily, I miss him so much and long for the day to see him out. He never should have been there, it taught him a lesson about what kind of women to be around, it brought him faith in God, but he shouldn't be there as long as they gave him. My grandson has always called him his best friend, he loves children and would do anything to help them.<br />
This same girl has 3 other guys in jail for the same reason in different states. So yeah, I'm waiting for what goes around comes around. I pray that Gods will be done in their lives. I have seen these girls way too much in my life, with my brother,my son. Vengence is mine sayeth the Lord. I wait for the day. I send my prayers to you too Neveah and your brother. :)


You know what they say...what comes around...comes around!