My Sister Is Hiv Positive

My younger sister was diagnosed with HIV right before Thanksgiving. Her life over the last couple of years has been stable, but that's after a few years of horrible decisions. She was adopted at age 6, following years of trauma and displacement. By the time she was 12 the trauma and psychological issues reemerged, resulting in years of intensive therapeutic treatments, her moving out when she was 17 and living on the streets, and at some point contracting HIV. Today she is one million times better and is in a stable relationship with a man she's been dating for over two years. Her diagnosis was just one month after her biological sister committed suicide. I'm worried that she'll get frustrated with the treatment regimen, or won't be able to afford it (she doesn't have the world's best coverage). I'd like to know how other people have dealt with this, both emotionally and pragmatically.
jeanmarie4887 jeanmarie4887
Dec 15, 2012