Recently Discovered My Daughter Cutting

Last fall my 14yr old wore those plastic bracelets completly up her entire left forearm, she said she liked them and wasn't going to take them off... never thought anything of it. till she had them off after a shower oneday and i saw small healing cuts more like scratches, I did probably the worst thing I could have done and told her that if I ever caught anything like that on her i would whip her ***, (that didn't happen much, but there must been some conviction in my voice cause for once she listened) and I never saw anymore marks on her arm. Not untill January of this year when the school called and said she was in the office at 3:15 and she would be there untill I came to get her, I didn't get off untill 5:30 or so and they were willing to sit there with her. that in its self startled me cause the school is never willing to sit and wait, I was able to get off at 4:15 and when I got there she was in the office and my sister had made it up there too.  At that point the principle proceded to tell me how upset she was most of the day and that they found marks on her arm and asked her if she wanted him to continue or if she wanted to tell me... she pulled up her left sleeve and revealed 35 to 50 cuts........... I melted into a puddle of tears and when she said she didn't want to get into trouble that made it all that much worse. well from there we went to ER and then to a behavioral hopsital she was in for almost 2 wks. She came home and things went smooth, untill the end of february when I noticed her having a bandana tied around her wrist, I didn't say anything because I didn't want to appear negative and possibley drive her to cut again, I waited and watched her the rest of the afternoon to see if she kept it covered. At bedtime she had a fingerless glove on only her left arm, at this point I made her take it off... she was very reluctant, yes she had cut again this time not as many cuts but were deeper. The next morning I started calling around and we ended up at the same behavioral hospital, this time she didn't shed any tears only seemed relieved to be going. she had said the stress of being at home(which it had been much better not near as much yelling and arguing) the stress of flunking out of 8th grade for the second time, and the stress of a friend over the internet and texting supposadly killed himself(i say supposadly because he had killed himself before and then it turned to be a sick joke and he was fine) Those were the reasons she gave me this time. I don't understand and need help to be able to understand and help her to be successful and quit cutting permantly she also has 2 younger siblings a sister who is 13 and brother who is 7.

takaanza takaanza
41-45, F
Mar 6, 2010