When Is He Going To Hit Bottom And Change?

My brother has been addicted to drugs and alchohol for over 15years now. He has been in over 12 rehabs and still is using. A couple of years ago he had a abcess in his arm and it was sepsis and he almost lost his arm. Heck he almost lost his life. I have cried so many tears over him. He is 27 and I just wish he would change and become the person i know he can be.

I got the call tonight that he went back to hospital and they are admiting him and are putting a pic line in to get blood and administer meds. he is killing all of us not just himself. Today is dads birthday and tommorow is mothers day and both of my parents are up hospital. I am here worrying and scared of what the next call will be.
thenewestdaughter thenewestdaughter
36-40, F
May 13, 2012