My Big Brother

A few weeks ago, my only big brother called and said..."Sis, I only have about 4 months to live, they found cancer in my liver"....As he spoke calmly, I fell apart....he is my only family left, beside one aunt, that knows our history....of us as children. He has always been there. Not always good, as I have lived a stupid life...but he was my brother, and I love him dearly.
I can't imagine time with out his Missouri drawl saying...Sis, now you know...or his Viet Nam stories, or singing his favorite dirges..

He has a wonderful wife of 30 years, 2 great boys, he has traveled and lived a good life, but he isn't that old, he should still have lots of memories left  to make.

I have a wonderful friend that is helping me to stay centered and calm, but in the quiet times I try and send my brother some sort of healing energy. I would give half my liver if it were possible but we are different blood types, so I am no help at all. I did send him one of my Kombucha scobies. He is a black and white gray areas, but when I told him about trying a holistic way from the inside out...he said he would give it a try. Bless him.

This has been the roughest year of my life, but I am going to stay as positive about this as I can..

I love my brother.
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Thank you Aradia. Your words are what I need to hear right now. My brother is in and out of I think he is not in severe pain, also because of Hospice. There is nothing more they can do for him.<br />
Your words of comfort are very appreciated.

I hope all is going well for you spite the sadness of your brother's illness. I too only have one brother he may have Aspergers and be very different yet he is still all I have for a sibling. I too would feel like you do if in the same situation. <br />
I hope your brother does not have a lot of pain and if God and our Gurardians above decide to call him he have a peaceful journey.................<br />
<br />

My brother had 3 good months...he has maybe 2 weeks now to live.<br />
He is the best big brother I could have asked for. Responsible, caring, loving...straight forward, honest. A wonderful husband and better father.....and my very loved brother.<br />
I cannot imagine a world without him in it. "Sis" this..."Sis" that.<br />
So many others get to keep all their family...he is the last one I have. My whole brother...memories of childhood and fights and hugs...all...there will be no one else now but I will try to become a better person for him being my brother.

Thank you so much both Crone and Jones...I am doing ok. I still am trying to be positive but the fates will go where they will. So far so good. My brother is doing better than expected and feeling ok. He is getting treatments that have slowed it down some, but it is still there. No word on any transplant as he has a type that doesn't allow for much time, but you never know....anyone with AB pos. As to the Viet Nam part Jones...yes he has lost many of his friends to cancer and suicide. Only you all know what you endured there for all of us. Thank you again. My brother's name is Storm for a reason! Blessings on you all.

Ever since I read this story, I have wondered how you are doing, and if your brother has any chance for a liver transplant. I have lost many Viet Nam buddies last year and this from cancer. It seems to be another thing that followed us from Nam. <br />
God Bless.

Bless you, I lost a dear brother to pancreatic and liver cancer last year, I feel you. Hugs and care, I am sorry for your sadness, but, happy that you have a brother that you love and care deeply for~x Be strong and be always hopeful.