My mom recently had a lumpectomy, and is currently recovering. The cancer had spread to one of her lymph nodes, and will have to undergo chemotherapy. Although chemotherapy will rid of the cancer, it will still take a toll on her, obviously as you all know. The hard part about it is that I have no family members to help me take care of my mom. I have no problem in doing so, however it hurts knowing that there is no one who is there to support me when I need it. I'm alone in this journey and most of the time there is no one to fall back on. Im nineteen years old and am in my first semester of college. Unfortunately, the way that things are looking and going, I will have to stop going to school soon, or next semester. Is it selfish of me that it makes me sad that I have to stop school? That all the people around me will be moving forward? My mom is first and foremost my number one priority, and I'm willing to do and sacrifice anything for her. But it just makes me so sad that I will be unable to go school or work anymore. Sometimes I forget that cancer really takes a toll on its victims and even the family members involved.
boomkimchaloy boomkimchaloy
22-25, F
Sep 12, 2014