Sigh, I've had a rough week so far. between kids and hubby's causing stress my mom who has non small cell lung cancer we have had a rough go. Chemo was rendered pointless and did nothing for her so radiation is the next step. Then to throw a wrench in things she wok up in pain the other night and has to now go for more scans to see is either the caner has spread even more or if she has a blood clot....I just want her better.

I have been pretty strong through all of this and last night at dinner in a restaurant with hubby's parents we were talking about cancer and mostly they were talking about other people but then his dad says "keep those you love close cause you never know what can happen" well...I lost it I started bawling...I felt like such a tool but those words stung to my core and I couldn't hold it in any more. they felt terrible but I know they shouldn't and told them so, I am just a bit of a wreck. sigh
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Sorry to hear about mom. Hugs to you. My mom just had a major surgery for cancer a few months ago and It was pallet cancer and went up into the cheek. Needless to say the did lots of work. Now it's so hard for her to talk clear. She had to have all teeth pulled prior to surgery. It was a 10 hour long surgery. So I feel your pain. You ever need to talk, inbox me and I'll get back to you any chance I get. 💐