I Love Him

Last year I found out my uncle had cirrhosis of the liver...At the young age of 35 he found out he was slowly dying due to his high alcohol intake over his adult life.At the age of 13, I found out that the uncle I was closest to and the uncle I loved the most was going to be leaving this world and enetering a new one...Probably before I even graduated from high school.You see, cirrhosis is not curable; while there are certain treatments to lessen pain or to try to gain as many years more as you possibly can, they can be very painful.Most treatments are often the same as those for cancer.My uncle has no choice, but to die.
I love my uncle, and the thing is...He's more than just my uncle...He's one of my best friends and he's my Godfather.
I'm afraid to lose him...I'm afraid to give him up...All I want is fro my uncle to be ok, but he won't be...
The best we can do is make jokes about it and treat him like he's no different from anyone else...

I really, really love my uncle!
fatsonja fatsonja
18-21, F
May 23, 2012