My Family Favors My Lil Brother

I think the reason he is favored so much is because after I was born my mom got pregnant again by another man, not my dad/her husband and she tried to hide it by getting a abortion, very shortly after the abortion came my brother and the attn has been on him since....

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This is really disgusting! A little mind! Your mother is a stupid bitchx who killed your child, your full brother or full sister, just because the other man finished with her. You are her flesh her ​​soul, and your brothers and sisters, no matter who the boar emptied their balls into her womb.<br />
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This is my story.<br />
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When I went to high school I really wanted to have full brother or full sister. This is a school psychologist noticed and told my mom that I subconsciously want, and that she is young (37 years) and to be born. However, it started to corrode as we poor financial situation and that it can not emerge. This angered me because i knew that the mother takes the birth control Pills, I decided one day while she was at work, and I'm home, I open her Pills and capsules I pour in the powdered sugar. It is still stopped from seeing my dad, who, although handsome man, was weak in bed and started to drink a lot. Then we have lived with their boss who was ugly, disgusting, fat, hairy old man of the 57th years. To my great surprise of the boss and mother began to have regular sex. The bed creaked it almost every night, while the two had hot sex. On the one flick I forgot, when I noticed that one night after rough sex mom drinks one false birth Pills ... It shocked me, because I knew that he cumx shot almost every night to my mother, filling her womb a huge amount of hot, greasy spermx. After a while the mother was pregnant and after 9 months gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl, my younger sister. This story is very fierce. Please see mou story: EP Link

shortly after the abortion she got pregnant again and my brother was born. she spoils him as a way to try to make up for killing the other baby.

I'm confused - she got an abortion, but then very shortly after that your brother came...?