I show up to your house wearing my high heals, dark stockings, jean mini skirt, white blouse, and matching black thong and bra. My make up is done right and black hair is straightened and long. We start having a few drinks while you put the game on. I sit next to you on the couch while you start rubbing my legs. I then get on my knees in front of you and pull your pants down. Starting with my tongue, I start at the head of you **** and work my way to the base. I put you b**l sack in my mouth while working you with my hand. You start to relax as I get into a nice and slow rhythm. After the last play of the game we both get up and move this show to your room. As we pass through the door you grab me by the hips and pull me close. You kiss my neck and my body relaxes. Hiking up my skirt you begin to finger my a**. I reach behind me and grab your iron hard **** and start stroking it. You then guide me to the bed and pull off my skirt and blouse. I then take you fully into my mouth again going as far as humanly possible. I look up and see you readying your condom. Just as you get the package open I grab it from you and toss it across the room. I want to feel your bear **** deep inside of me. I am craving it. Lying on my back now, I grab your massive, throbbing manhood and guide it to my a**. You begin to push yourself inside of me and I bite down onto a pillow. It takes me a few minutes to adjust to your ****. Starting off slow, you deep stroke me. My eyes begin to roll back into my head from the pleasure. Speeding up, our body movements get into sync. You pull out and lay on your back. I then straddle you. As I squat down, your **** slides easily back into my ***. I begin to grind my *** on your throbbing meat. Picking up the pace, your legs begin to tense up. Finally in one big climax you shoot your sweet, hot load deep inside of me.
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Why that's rather nice.When are we doing this??