Fantasy About An Ep Member

I have a fantasy about one of the members of EP. She is a Friend and has a very sexy pic and writes sexy stories. We exchanged emails and I told her I want to share my fantasy about her. She agreed to let me post it. Her name is Nikki and she has the most marvelous looking body. So here is my fantasy.

Nikki shared with me that she suffers from a condition that causes her much pain in her back. I told her that I have some training in massage therapy and that I would be happy to see if I could provide some relief from her symptoms. We had only recently become acquainted and although she seemed interested she did not pursue it with me. Since we live in the same part of the city I gave her my phone number and told her to give me a call if she would like me to "work my magic" on her. With that we parted. Now i gotta say that Nikki has a most marvelous body as a young woman. Even though she does not dress to flaunt it a man would have to be blind not to appreciate her sexiness. So as we parted that day I could not help but imagine what it would be like to have her on my massage table caressing her back, and perhaps providing not only relief from pain but also a bit of pleasure. I began to fantasize about how it might happen, and being a horny young guy my fantasy included a whole lot more than massage.

The next day was Saturday and a very hot day at that. I had on my tennis shorts and had racket in hand ready to head out the door when the phone rang. It was Nikki and she told me that she was experience a lot of pain, and would I be able to come over and try my skills on her. I told her "sure", tossed my racket in the back seat and headed on over. I was feeling some excitement building in my groin as I contemplated what might transpire. When I got to her house I went around to the side and through the gate to the backyard as she had instructed me on the phone. And there she was, beautiful as ever and dressed in the same bikini that she wears in her profile pic on Exerience Project. I was so excited but I determined to control myself. After all, I had no reason to think that she wanted anything more than the massage. But even that would be a nice experience for me.

Nikki told me she had been lying out in the sun because the heat seemed to help with the pain. I suggested she lie back on her blanket on her stomach and I could kneel beside her. With that I began applying some lotion to her back, rubbing it all over. I untied her bikini strap. I told her I would need to massage her spin area all the way down below her bikini line, and would it be ok if I untied the bikini bottom on the sides and pulled the part in back down exposing her crack. Then began the massage. It was what could be considered an erotic massage.

(Stay tuned for Part 2 of My Fantasy
delanomz delanomz
May 18, 2012