My Round Buddy

I have a 21 year old American tabby. I got her when she was 3 from an adoption center. While all the other cats mewed and pawed at the bars of their cages, she just sat there with an 'I will not degrade myself' attitude. I knew she was the cat for me. She was the perfect bachelor's pet when I first got her; she left the room when I was eating, she only ate dry food and she loved to play.

When my wife (then girlfriend) and I moved in together, things changed rapidly. She spoiled her. She started eating wet food and began lazing about. Play became me flailing bits of ribbon and yarn around while she watched with mild interest. Soon she looked quite a bit like the cat in the group photo. She eats constantly and mews like a tornado warning in the early hours of the morning. My wife and I actually stagger our sleep patterns to be sure the other can catch a few winks without murdering the cat.

Seriously, she sits at the bottom of the steps and howls every morning at sunrise. She's found the most reverberant place in the house and she knows it. she's also learned to stay just out of pillow range from the floor above. When she first started I thought she was hurt and hurried downstairs to see what had happened. She just walked casually to the cabinet where we store the food. The sounds are so mournful I thought she'd just learned about the holocaust.

She's gotten on in age now and she's beginning to slim down. the wife and I have pledged not to get another cat for a long while after she's passed on, but I think we'll probably rebound to another pretty quickly. She's a spoiled, fat, loud and obnoxious beast - and she's most of the personality of our house.
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She sounds like what every cat is really! A law unto herself and with you well trained rather than the other way around!