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I Love Him!

His name is Blacky, my sister picked the name, we found him a few days after he was born outside of our house, so we took him in and took care of him. As weeks went by, he grew older but he didn't look as "cute" as I wanted him to be, so I fed him more and more (is that evil?) and now almost a year later he's the cutest lazy little thing ever!
SourPire SourPire 18-21, M 1 Response Mar 2, 2011

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LOL! I have a fat cat myself; with 24 toes. He was nearly dead when we found him and around 3 weeks old. We nursed him to health and he never forgot his early hunger. The greatest thing in his life is food! Well, Blacky and MacTavish lucked out when they found us, didn't they?