How They Train Us

Ella was a recue kitty  she was shy around the dog Jade but jade a lab Mix has alway been enchanted by cats esp kittens and smaller animals  on cats she chased were cats who came into the yard not attack but to play  i regressed Ella is now around 2 or3 we are travling with hubby have been in a 18 ft travel travel trailer for 14 months  I have to walk so i put the harness on ella to walk some times she spreads eagle some times does butt balk, then she get into the groove and a off we go  straight to the trailer and to dad she knows when he get home sits at door on hind legs and pats him until he pays attention and talks when she wants  amazing how they train us  yall have a good day  rhorses

rhorses rhorses
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I'm just really sorry you are not here anymore! I would have liked to know you ;-)