My Fat Kitty Is Dumb

My cat is soo cute.  But she has an enemy and that is my dog.  My dog will run around her and so she will just plop on the ground and start pawing at the dog.  I always look at her and when i move, she'll still be looking where i was.  Once she ran away for 2 weeks.2 weeks!!!!  thought she was like miles away. i was sooo wrong. she was acrose the street.  She was under the porch of one of my neighbors.  She had lost about 5 pounds.  I picked her up and i almost ler go of her because she was soo light.  Last time i weighed her, she was 14 pounds, and that was 3 years ago.  I do know that she is very nice to my 13 year old dog.  her nam is abby and she is very nice.  I will walk into the room sometimes and see my cat licking abby's fur. 

yodain yodain
13-15, M
Feb 25, 2010