My Dad Has a Very Rare Brain Cancer

My dad was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer in Nov/07.  He has been undergoing agressive chemo since then and is having a stem cell transplant in a couple of weeks.  He and my mom are two of my very best friends and it has been difficult seeing him get weak and sick and ageing so quickly.  He is a real trouper, though, and maintains a positive attitude.  I don't know what I'll do if he doesn't get better.  So far, though, the treatments are working and we are very hopeful he will make a recovery.

Also my maternal grandma was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May/07 and we lost her in Sept/07.  My grandpa (her husband) was diagnosed with mantel cell lymphoma in June/07 and has gone thru chemo.  He is holding right now, but we're not sure for how long.  He lives 5 hrs away and I talk to him on the phone when I can and get news almost daily from my mom.

Your thoughts and prayers for us are much appreciated.  I would like to know: How do you cope?  I think I'm coping ok but sometimes I'm not sure.

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That's great, gdgtgrl. I try to do similar - support my mom, spend as much time as I can with my dad, do whatever I can to try and help. And I find peace by living as much as I can in the present moment.

You asked how I cope - by doing what I can for my dad. By making sure that my mother understands what needs to be done - I live to far away to visit every day. By getting a social worker involved. By arming myself with information and support from my end.

Thanks for the info, moxiesurvivor. My dad is actually quite into alternative treatments (herbs etc), but his brain cancer is an extremely rare one, one that is very aggressive - only a handful of cases recorded and most often this cancer was found most mortem, so we have been very lucky it was caught (hopefully) in time to try and wipe it out, or at least set in on its @$$ for a bit to buy him some more time. Thanks for thinking of us. :)

I don't know how much you are into alternative medicine but must put this site here, just in case:<br />

Thank you so much. This has all been helping me, too. Your words mean a lot to me. Words can be very powerful, healing, changing...

Dee, Youv'e read my blog and Iv'e just read this story,You are very strong to be offering support to others not just your famly but also in your job, I admire your commitment, all I can say that might help is keep writing it down, it has been my saving tool!. and knowing that total strangers are prepared to support you, and offer encouragement, to keep going when it gets tough, really helps . I Hope your dad stays positive, and the rest of your family too.

Thank you, MP. You're right. He loved seeing his grandson today. My mom has Wed off and we'll go back on Thurs. Things will get better once he can get up and move on his own. Thanks so much for your caring words. They mean a lot. :-)

Hope your Dad feels better day-by-day ((Dee)). I know how hard this can be. Seeing you and your boys as often as possible is probably the best medicine you can bring him. :^)

Thank you so much, moxiesurvivor! He does have a good attitude. So far the transplant has gone really well. Bad part is he fell last week and broke his hip - his bones have gotten brittle with the treatments he's had. Another bump in the road. Thank you for the prayers and positive thoughts - we'll take all we can get! :)

My prayers and positive thoughts are sent your direction. A lot of it is attitude, I've learned from people who have beat it!

Thank you so much, guys! Your words really mean a lot. I, too, feel my grandma watching over me, and my boys and I have decided she is our guardian angel. I have a good feeling that my dad is going make much progress in battling this disease.

Update: My dad had his stem cell transplant today and so far is doing great! My mom told me he is feeling very positive and strong, and for the first time since starting treatment feels like this could really work! I'm so happy!!