Time of Death 6:20 Pm

He's gone - my father.  At 6:20 this evening, he breathed his last breath and went to the cottage forever.

It's about 1 1/2 hours later and I'm not sure how or what I feel.  Very glad that all of his suffering and pain is over.  Still working on total acceptance of the idea that he is gone. 

I was able to talk about heaven with him.  Was he lucid enough to accept it? I like to think so.  He grunted a couple of times at one point in response to something I said.  Did he make his own peace with his Creator? Again I like to think so.  I talked a lot about God not being the same God he thought of. The one that caused so much pain in our family (my grandfather was a victim of the Canadian Native Residential Schools abuses).  I talked about heaven being an island surrounded by water and old growth pine - like our island at temagami.  I talked about it being time to let go and relax. 

After he held his granddaughter's hand one last time - he died, peacfully and calmly without pain.

He was a good Dad, a good man and knew where to get the best fries.

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3 Responses Jun 17, 2008

I'm sorry that you lost your Dad to cancer. My Dad is still in the battle but not doing so good. hugs to you.

You and I have talked at some length about losing parents to cancer. It's a hard thing, but the actual passing is a mercy. I pray for you to find strength during your time of loss. You are a brave and strong individual. Find comfort in those living around you. And go skinnydipping in the moonlight once dedicated to your dad.

I'm so sorry about your dad, and your grandpa. I was happy to see the Canadian government finally make a formal appology to the victims of the Residential Schools, after so many years. I'm glad you could be with your dad when he passed. He will be looking over you from the beyond, and smiling at his loving daughter. (((Hugs)))