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back in november my dad was complaining about swollen glands in his neck and he went to get them checked out and as far as i knew that was the end of it. and then a few weeks ago he said something about how one side never went down and how he had been seing a doctor. then, about two weeks ago, he told me and my sister that he was going in for surgery to have it removed, assuring us it was no big deal; that the doctors had tested it for alot of stuff and they didn't think it was cancer but they figured it was best to remove it either way. he had the surgery the wednesday before last and they got the results back last tuesday.. it was cancer. and now... i feel like my entire world is crashing around me.

i mean.. i'm only 18.. he hasn't even seen me graduate, he hasn't walked me down the aisle, or seen my children. and even though everyone keeps saying he'll beat it, which i totally believe he can do; there is a little, tiny, practically nonexsistant part of me that is so worried about the future.

he's my daddy.

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am glad your dad's condition is improving and that you have faith, you should know that treatments for cancer are way better than ever before and the chances of survival and recovery are very high, enjoy your vacation and good luck for you and your dad

yeah, i feel like **** because i feel selfish and guilty. but i have alot of faith. and you should keep the same faith. message me whenever you want, i'm always willing to talk.<br />
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UPDATE on my father's condition. tomorrow we're actually leaving for ireland for the next 8 days, and he's feeling well enough to come. givin he won't be up late, or drinking for that matter (still can't swollow); but at least it's promising.

I really do understand how you're feeling. I'm turning 18 in September but my dad has had cancer since I was 16 and it has only gotten worse over the years. I really thought about the same thing you did - about how he hasn't walked me down the aisle, seen me graudate and every thing else. I love my daddy too and all I am is worried.

my friends kinda suck aside from my boyfriend. but he isn't really good with comforting words. so he just kind of, lets me vent, and holds me: telling me everything will be okay.<br />
and my dad has alot of good people behind him.

Sorry to hear anyone have to go through the worry. Hopefuly you have good friends there in person and here on the net to help get you through. <br />
Does your dad have a good group of people that are there for him but yet not smothering to help him feel good about life and to give him hope?

he finished treatment about 2 and a half weeks ago. he can swollow like.. babyfood. he's relying totally on the peg tube for sustainance. his voice is coming back strong, and he's still my dad. and i know he's doing better, phenominal, if you will. but i can't help but worry abou the final outcome. just because he's done with treatment doesn't mean the cancer is dead. i am by no means an optimist, and i'm trying really hard. but, i think i'm the only one out of his 3 daughters, 2 stepdaughters, son in law, current wife and ex-wife (let alone extended family) who is thinking the worst. god i suck. lol.

How is your dad now?