TOO Much Already

After 5 step fathers my mom finally got a good one....they have been married for 13 years....he was dianosed with pancreatic cancer two weeks  before Thanksgiving...then with thyroid cancer he has had surgery and has gone through the chemo and radiation...while this is going on with him my baby sister decided to move in with them with her 3 kids not to help them but to suck more of the life out of them both....short history(sister homeless....went to prison for trying to kill ex boyfriend....let my mom adopt one of her kids 14 years ago....gave the other 3 to now boy friends mom....don't work.lazy.drinks,drugs get the pic.)I know that this is her baby girl but dam it sometimes you got to draw the line.My mom and dad are going through enough right now without her drama.I live over 2 hours away from avoid the husband and I both work and maybe get to see them once a month....every time we go there my sister tries to start drama I try to keep my tounge for my mom and dads sake but it's getting harder.I'v tried to sit down and have an adult conversation with my sister but you can only get so far with an alcholic and druggie.I know that she will take off and leave the kids(again) with them to raise.

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1 Response Mar 24, 2009

I'm sorry to hear about your Father and the problems you are having. Here's hoping that things wil get a lot better for you and rest of family.