My Very Special Kids

I started sponsoring children through the Christian Children’s Fund in 1990.
My first child was a little boy named Rumer in Bogota, Columbia.  I have sponsored many children since then.  In 1997 I made a specific request when I learned CCF had started including children from right here in the United States.  I asked for children of American Indian heritage.  I got my first two children, Thomas and Patience, soon after they received my request.  I felt an immediate bond to both of them; to Thomas because his birth date had very special meaning to me, and to Patience because I had always prayed for more Patience.  

Today I am sponsoring two children in the Oyate Networking Program.  Because these kids are in the U.S., I can send them real presents on their birthdays and Christmas, or any holiday or day in between if I’d like to.   This is so much more personal and rewarding than just sending the monthly donation.

I love receiving photographs and reports of my kids.  I learn about their progress, their overall grades in school if they are old enough to attend, and what type of after school or preschool activities they participate in.  The best part of this is when I get a handwritten letter.  I always get a cute picture they’ve drawn for me and the handwritten scrawls of the little ones are especially endearing.  The happiest, and saddest, day is when I learn their situation has changed for the better and they no longer need the assistance of the CCF program.  Even though I will no longer have that connection anymore, I am always offered a chance to sponsor another needy child at that time.  After experiencing the rewards of previous sponsorships, I could never turn a child down.


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I don't know about that, but thank you - and I will accept the part about others following by sponsoring a child!

You deserve it Myo for like you said not everyone will sponsor a child.<br />
<br />
So you are special and to be admired and have your example followed.

Thank you, but really, that's not deserved. I believe I could do a lot more. Wouldn't it be nice if everybody could help at least one child?

CCF has a good track record and their personal support is impressive. When you call, you talk to a real person.

I think Boys & Girls Clubs provides a safe place for these kids and it probably depends on where they are. Thomas and Patience both lived on reservations. I'm not sure about my 2 kids now, though. Their letters are sketchier. A lot depends on how involved the family is, and Thomas's mom was awesome. I would love to look them up someday!

The great thing is the personal relationship in it. If I was ever to be in that area I could even arrange to meet them! I was hoping to meet Thomas and go to a pow wow, but his family was doing okay and they had to leave the program. They work out of Boys & Girls Clubs.

What a great idea! Imagine how much better the world would be if everyone who had the means did this.

They certainly are!