Shades of My Personality

When I am marking a normal book I love to use a pink highlighter, but for some reason in the electronic realm the lavender highlighter looks much nicer so I have started highlighting my electronic text in that beautiful shade of purple.  I am always a girlie girl even when I am marking up proposals.

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12 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Pink is awesome.

my favorite is pink and green

Yuck! I hate yellow highlighter. It is so plain.

Awesome but I would think you would use bumble bee yellow.

LOL. of course.

mmm you got me thinking, I need to check the purple out. I do alot of reports in purple and gold (ECU colors)

Oh yes, I love pink too but it doesn't look right on my computer.

You know PINK is my fav color :)


black highlighter is the best. It works so well that i never need to go back and read what i highlighted because i already know what it looks like.

LMAO, I don't particularly like yellow highlighter. I think it comes from my college days when I had to purchase used books. Usually they were highlighted in yellow by the original person so i had to cme up with a way to determine my highlights from theirs so i started using pink.

I'm a non committal yellow.