A Fusty Nut With No Kernel

when i graduated college, my teacher and head of the english department gave us each a mug as a gift - but not just any mug.  this is a Shakespearean insult mug, adorned with some fantastic insults from Shakespear's writing.  here are a couple of my favorites:


"less brain than earwax"

"the soul of this man is his clothes"

"the veriest varlet that ever chewed with a tooth"

"bolting hutch of beastliness"

and last but not least,

"a fusty nut with no kernel"


there are many more, but i can't think of them at the moment.  on the bottom, it reads, "for best results, use other end" and it's made by the Unemployed Philosopher's Guild. 

usetheforceluke usetheforceluke
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2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

teehee!! I miss you, lady!

One word: fantastic!