My Favourite Mug! :-)

I had my thirtieth birthday nearly twenty years ago! And my ''best friend'' bought me this mug, which has inscribed on it, ''I wish i was still in bed'' (long standing joke, i used to be so lazy at one time, always late going to school)  i was so thrilled with this mug!! that i still have it to this day,.  My husband carelessly dropped it a few years back and chipped the bottom a tiny bit! now he's afraid to touch it in case!! lol :-)

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2 Responses Feb 26, 2010

I have a favorite cup's one that I tried spiced wine in Germany.I;ve always had different favorites over the year but this is the one now.I almost hate to use it though for fear that it will get broken.

LOL, I have my favorite mug right here on my cp desk...My closest friend gave it to me years ago---It has a picture of a witch riding her broomstick - and it says, "Witch & Famous" in big Orange letters with a lavender background......:)