As I have encountered new scents over time, I have developed several favorites. Some send shivers up my spine, others just make me smile to wear them. Alas, I usually phase out of each fragrance until my desire for it has worn off and the bottle holds nothing more than good memories.

Throughout my life, the one constant I return to is a simple Musk. My first time splurge on perfume was for 'Sun Moon and Stars' by Lagerfeld for night wear (I mean, yes, I had clothing on too!). I went through a phase of 'Tommy Girl' for daytime wear and then replaced that with 'Ralph' by Ralph Loren, which I still use occassionally. Another phase was the scented 'Japanese Cherry Blossom' lotion, which was of short duration. 

My current evening perfume is 'Code' by Armani and daytime favorite 'Euphoria' by Calvin Klein. Both of these hold sway over the other scents beyond anything I've worn before. 

Spraying on my favorite scent is not only satisfying, it also brings out some of my lesser-known internal persona. Ha! and you thought you knew me...

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1 Response Jul 22, 2010

I love Flower Bomby by Victor & Rolf.<br />
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