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When I was a little girl, my mom would wear a perfume called "Charlie".  I loved the scent and when I was old enough, maybe about 14 years old, I took some of my baby sitting money and bought some of my own.  We weren't really allowed to wear perfume at school so I would dab a tiny drop on my wrist...just enough so other people couldn't really smell it..then sit in class and smell it during the teacher's lectures.  I like and wear a lot of the newer fragrances on the market now but Charlie will always be at the top of my list.  I don't know if its available in other areas but I can't seem to find it here in the Pacific Northwest.
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its one of my favorite as well... i am mad about perfumes... i like collecting various types...
luckily its available in my country...

I wore Charlie when I was younger! Now I wear a perfume that is no longer sold in stores, but can still get it on the Internet. Bet you can too

its still very popular in the UK

Charlie is my mother's favorite perfume. It's a great fragrance.

I still remember the commercials. It is nice to have something that invokes memories of the past. We all have something that is a trigger for memories gone bye.

I like Charlie, I bought for my wife, after seeing an ad. It's available in AZ. Cheyenne from the western stores if very good too. Thanks for bringing memories back

I had a friend who wore this perfume. It's so fresh smelling. My favorite growing-up was Love's Baby Soft. That was fragrance as teenager. I found it recently but the smell has changed. So sad!

Look on any english web site it is still quite poular in england have great memories of it my wife used to love it smile

My mom also wore Charlie, reading your story brought back fond memories. Thank you!

Oh I loved that one. My Mom used to wear it. You might be able to get it online at one of those sites that sell perfume like fragrancenet or something like that. Even Amazon might carry it.

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thy sell it here honey !! try

I believe I still have some that is unused totally.

Yea I remember Charlie. It had a nice smell. Men would wear English Leather and Jade East.
After my barber would shave my neck he would put Sea Breeze on it. Love the stuff. Good momeries.

I remember Charlie. I found an older fragrance my mom used to wear called Zen by searching for it through a store called Sephora. They don't sell it but told me who now does. Good luck!

Yes. The scent of that perfume was really nice and soft. Every once and awhile someone will still wear it and it brings back nice childhood memories. Those were truly the good old days!

When I used to be on business trips 20 years ago in Moscow I remember that if there was one good perfume, and it was home Charlie. My colleagues bought it there and took it home to their wives and girlfriends .. As a long time ago, but remember this, it were exciting perfume and exciting ages :-)

My first ever girl friend loved Charlie..................your comments made all that come back to me ...............thanks for the wonderful memories you strirred D

lovely story.



Charlie was my all time favorite even through High School. I wore it all the way up into my late 20's when i had my daughter..While i was pregnant my body changed so much now I can not wear any perfume.. If i could, it would be Charlie again!

my mom wore Charlie also. she has passed on, but thanks for that memory with mothers day coming up. I almost forgot that

which one?

Blue,Gold,Red,Silver,Sunshine, White, or

White Musk!

I still wear Charlie, it is easy to get here, but I also love Sand and Sable.

When I was younger, my favorite perfume for a girl to wear was Wild Musk. To this day, I still recognize it if I smell it.

My mother use to wear Charlie I thought it smelled nice too.

White Linen...........try it if you can find it !

Oooh i looooved Charlie! And come to think of it, I swear I have seen it here in Canada somewhere...brings back memories.. Loved this story..thx for the walk down memory lane!

White Linen on 'some' women...........if it works...I am puddy in your hands.

It's still one of my favorites. I usually wear it a couple times during the week. Easy to find where I live.

Gosh I remember Charlie!! And my Mom wore Taboo and Shalimar--- such distinctive scents!!

And even further back.... My first perfumes (ok, colognes,lol) were Avon's Sweet Honesty and later, Love's Baby Soft... And Jean Nate's lemony clean scent.....

Its fascinating how smells are tied to memories....

Oh and I've purchased from Regular emails with free shipping offers and they have EVERYTHING :-)

Thanks for the memory jolt!!!