We Dont Go There Much But....!

Each time it is exhiliarating. I'm not a drinker, I might have two or maybe three glasses of wine all night. It is the atmosphere, and going there with Ole and Carl. All our friends there know we are a *********, and they just manage (most of the time) to keep their myriad questions to themselves.

Last night (2nd November) the three of us arrived, and the first drink we had was bought for us by our friends Borre and Arja. Borre commented on how I looked, since the last time he saw me was at the centre and I was naked (he clothed, as an official there). I wore a long skirt, ankle length, with Goth black leather boots, and a black leather bodice under a white lace blouse (unbuttoned), and my grey wollen topcoat.

The bar owner is especially engaging and he is kind and humorous. I so enjoy evenings spent there.
rizzo4606 rizzo4606
22-25, F
Nov 3, 2012