Rock Of Ages

Why is this hymn so important to me well its all down to my grandmother you see when I was a child my grandmother used to take me to the little Methodist church that she looked after since she was sixteen years of age. Everyday come rain or shine she would make sure that the church was clean and tidy and every Sunday her voice would be the highest of them all especially when the organist started to play rock of ages. As the years went on my grandmother started to forget things and started to be a danger to herself regrettably this resulted in her having to go into a home were she lived out the rest of her life happily. When my grandmother passed away her last wish was that the service be held in her beloved little chapel unfortunately the church had been shut for two years and had just been sold to re-developers. But as the news spread of my grandmothers death strange things started to happen the buyers of the church informed us that they would get the church ready for the service the pastor came out of retirement at ninety eight and my grandmother had her wish and the organist played rock of ages now every time I here the hymn I think of my grandmother not with sadness but with great joy and respect I think it is good how music can keep memories alive. 
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Thanks I am glad that you like my story

Such a beautiful and moving story, gelroller.

Thank you for all your kind comments

Wow that was God performing a truely remarkable miracle