I have a fear of abandonment so badly that I cling to my friends for dear life which ultimately drives them away and I feel abandoned again. I wish I could stop the cycle.
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Hun you need to let go of it you will never have a good relationship until you do why do you feel this way what happened in your life that caused this

I'm stopping the cycle at this very moment. No joke. I am walking away from someone that I want so badly to meet my emotional needs and fill my emptiness at this very moment. I am going against every urge in my body to cling on to them for dear life. I'm hanging out with Me. It sucks. Its going to teach me something tho. I hope:/

You can. Give up control. Be your best friend. I have entertained the thought of trying to be a narcissist so I wouldn't need anyone so much and be capable of thinking I'm the ****.... Not possible and horrible idea! But really, Cling to You. Take care of you.

Thank you, that's very insightful. Your comment above as well. I'm trying to stop the cycle with a close friend of mine. You hit the nail on the head though, I need them to fill my emotional needs and emptiness. I'm getting there though!