How Can I Overcome This Fear Of Abandonment?

I am generally an outcast or I always feel so. I feel more secure when I get good grades. That is because people are always careful around someone with better grades. But now I feel like everyone just ignore me in my hostel. They never tell me about anything important or help me with anything. This makes it even more difficult to concentrate! Also, they always shout out loud and I cannot even sleep properly during any time of the day. This ****** me off because it irritates me and makes me feel lonely. So I end up sleeping all day long to forget my loneliness and hence end up into deeper trouble cause I don't even feel like attending classes. I study in one of the most elite Universities and I feel I am unable to do justice to what I came here for in the first place. This is the only semester I have got. And also I felt in an almost similar manner even in high-school. But I could never cut school due to my parents. They constantly reminded me to be regular and work harder. When will I ever stop feeling like an outcast? The last time I felt good was when I got good grades! This mentality of mine worries me!
My father is very middle class and never understands my problems. He asks me if he needs to take me to a psychiatrist. My mother is more understanding. She insists that I change my hostel. But that alone would not solve my problems right? the girls in my place are mean to me. They form the majority group and always make me feel like I am missing out on something important(it may be exams or social events). These robs me off my piece of mind. People advice me to focus on myself than the others. But that is difficult right? I talk to them smiling most of the time. I am compelled to give them birthdat treats because of the fear of complete abandonment. I am not crazy. I have great bffs off campus and really cool friends on campus in other hostels. But they don't really help me with my studies either as they themselves are struggling with thier bad grades and boy-friend issues...
inav inav
18-21, F
Jan 5, 2013