Fear Of Flying

When I was eight years old school was in session and suddenly we heard an extremely loud explosion , it was an airliner full of passengers and crew exploding directly over my school .   Suddenly panic and mayhem broke all over the school , screaming, crying, and fear to spread across the school like a wildfire . Suddenly a loud strong voice came over the PA system , "all teachers folder shades immediately "and Mrs. Walwrath  ran to the windows and drop the shades .   Then she tried to calm her class down saying things like, it's going to be OK  or there, there, you're not hurt,  she had no idea how wrong that statement was . The buses were gathered in front of the school and the students were ushered out . But some of the schools were walkers and they had to pass the body parts of the dead scattered for miles . For a long time I had nightmares of that day and I have never flown in a plane . The only plane I have never been on was one that was stationary inside the Smithsonian institute in Washington DC .    
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1 Response Jan 11, 2012

Just came upon your story. If this is something you wish to overcome, feel free to message me here and discuss the fear of flying. I fly for a living and would be happy to chat about this. Your experience as a child was horrific, and you are correct that it was handled the wrong way. Best of luck to you.