I came down with a crippling fear of flying out of nowhere, and this was after having flown many times both short and long distance. I would cry and cling to my then husband's arm during takeoff, would be paralyzed with fear during the flight regardless of turbulence (and when there was turbulence, I was certain the plane was going down -- I would start to imagine how the people around me would react, and went as far as imagining the final accident scene and our remains at the end -- very morbid). I started anticipating flights weeks in advance -- I couldn't sleep, I had panic attacks. I read a lot of these forums trying to get help. I promised myseld if I ever figured anything out, I'd come back and post it.

So I figured something out. First, the plane is not going down. It just isn't. That's an incredibly rare event and I assure you that you will not die in a plane crash. People told me this too of course - I didn't believe it, or at least my body/mind didn't seem to. So here's what made me not care at all about flights anymore, and believe this very true truth that the plane is not going down: my very stressful, very turbulent 7-year too young marriage ended and I got on my feet again. What I am telling you is this: you probably aren't afraid of flying. You know the statistics, you know the plane is not going down. It's very likely misdirection -- you are very stressed about something in your life but your brain is trying to help you avoid thinking about it by pouring into this irrational fear that came out of nowhere. Why? Because we have no control over it -- sure, we can choose not to fly, but once you're on that plane, there's not a thing you can do. Believe it or not, your brain likes that worry much better than your real life worries - because typically our real worries are caused by us, we do have control, and we can fix them. So: your fear of flying may very well be misdirection. Look at your life carefully and see. If so, try to recognize it and address what's really going on. No one wants to address the stress in their life, especially the stress they may be able to control -- I had the power to leave my marriage after all. But once you do, this will clear up like a bad infection. Promise. Last time there was turbulence on my flight, I was buzzed on a glass of wine and enjoying the bumps because they were corresponding with the action film I was watching. Oh, and one more thing: the plane is not going down.
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Jan 23, 2013