I Get Lost All the Time!

I get lost all the time. I have a terrible sense of direction and have ever since I started driving, or at least that's when I noticed it. I can go somewhere 10 times and every time it's like the first. I get lost in malls! I hate going somewhere unfamiliar because it never becomes REAL familiar. I've lived in this small town for about 25 years and if I get out of my comfort zone, I'm turned around. When people give me directions and use terms like "head north on 66" it totally throws me off, means absolutely nothing! My sister used to think I was agorabphobic because I wouldn't head into unfamililar territory. I just hate getting turned around and feeling that panic.
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I get lost in offices I am unfamiliar with, wander around malls until I can idenfiy the exit I need to get out - and I ALWAYS park in the same place at any given mall because I'm afraid I will never file my car again. When driving in new areas - my anxiety is high - I literally shake like a leaf before I even get into the car knowing that I might get lost. I am 53, and started driving around 28. I just traded in my 2004 car that had LESSs than 20,000 km - for a new one with NAV. I'm REALLY hoping this will make a difference. Like many others - my quality of life has suffered because of the driving limitations. I don't go to places I would LIKE to go - because I'm afraid of getting lost. I HATE it when people ask me to give them a ride to unknown places - I totally panick. Hopefully the NAV will change my life for the better <3

Hi iceblueaccent, just came across your post - it is like you are describing me!!. I have a terrible sense of direction, in hospitals, hotels etc. .etc, if I was alone, I would end up taking the wrong turn. Just wondering how you are getting on with your Sat Nav.

Hi moideux :) Go to a website called gettinglost.ca You will find we are in very good company - and there is a medical condition related to this....

I know exactly how you feel. I get lost all the time even with a GPS I still go the wrong way. I start to panic when she says "recalculating" then I know I took a wrong turn. I can drive some where 20 times and it still feels like the first time when I drive it. Especially when I have to get on a big highway. It has restricted my life so much but I don't know what to do about it. It is a terrible feeling. Also North, South, West and East mean absolutely nothing to me. I am searching for some kind of a support group to help me with this fear.

It could be a condition called "hippocampus"..about not having a sense of direction. Google it & you'll see it's common..and a big pain in the butt. I get mixed up too ..luckily I always get turned back around. I think it's scary.No wonder people don't want to drive. I have a rule: Only go so far if I'm confused about which direction is right. I stop, go back, carry a city map & ask at a gas station. The more one drives on, the worse it gets.

Well, there you go, see? You're not alone. I tell people (as soon as they begin to give me directions) that I'm directionally dyslexic. They never believe that it's as bad as it really is! My solution? I bought a little GPS that gives me turn by turn directions. It's a miracle worker! I didn't buy one for a long time because I kept telling myself I'd practice getting places but you know what? I'm 48 years old!!! I'm not going to get it! Ever!! So...I punch in my directions and I get there. I make a wrong turn, "she" tells me to turn around or changes the route and now I never ever worry.